The Happiest Couples Refuse To Settle For The Bare Minimum
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The Happiest Couples Refuse To Settle For The Bare Minimum

The happiest couples push each other to reach their potential. This doesn’t mean they are trying to get each other to change. It means that they are supporting each other along their journeys of self-growth. They are cheering each other on and hyping them up when they need a confidence boost. They are always there to remind their partner that they are doing so much better than they realize, and that they have what it takes to accomplish their goals.

The happiest couples refuse to settle for the bare minimum because they believe they deserve better – and that their partner deserves better. They want to reach their fullest potential because they aren’t interested in coasting. They aren’t interested in maintaining the status quo. They understand that they are a work in progress, that they are forever learning, which is why they are constantly trying to better themselves, even if they’re only taking baby steps in order to do so.

The happiest couples are willing and eager to put effort into their relationship. They aren’t going to slack because they don’t want to do the bare minimum. They don’t want to get away with murder. They want to feel like they’re doing their fair share. They want to contribute an equal amount to the relationship because they value it above most other aspects in their world. This connection is important to them, so they are going to give it the time and dedication that it deserves. 

The happiest couples refuse to let love cloud their judgement. Even though they care deeply about their partner and can’t stand the thought of losing them, they are still going to speak up when they feel like they’re being mistreated. They are going to make their hopes and expectations clear. They won’t stay quiet out of fear that being too blunt will push their partner away. They will be completely honest, and stand up for what they deserve, because they trust that if this is the right person for them, then they will rise to their standards. They won’t run away at the first sign of a struggle. They will fight together to make the relationship even stronger than it was in the beginning.

The happiest couples understand that their relationship needs consistent attention in order to thrive. They aren’t going to get lazy once they become ‘official’ because they feel like the other person isn’t going to go anywhere now that there’s a label on their relationship. They are going to continuously put in the work to make each other happy. They are going to put in the same amount of effort years into the relationship as they were putting in during the start. They won’t let themselves slack because that would be doing a disservice to the relationship.

The happiest couples refuse to settle for the bare minimum because they believe relationships are supposed to enhance their life, not make it more stressful. These couples put active effort into bringing each other joy and excitement because they want to do right by each other. They want to love each other the way that they truly deserve.