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The Kind Of Woman That Will Make Him Settle Down, Based On His Zodiac Sign


Aries men are attracted to confident, passionate, and fiery women. He needs someone who can match his energy and keep up with his adventurous lifestyle, as long as she lets him lead and isn’t trying to control him. He is willing to settle down with someone who can make him feel like their relationship will always be fun and passionate and the honeymoon phase will never end. 


Taurus men are analytical and practical individuals who value stability and security. They are attracted to women who are driven, successful, and have a strong work ethic. The kind of woman that will make a Taurus man want to settle down is someone who can provide him with emotional stability and be patient with him, as he is someone who likes to take his time before he decides to take the next step in the relationship and hates any kind of pressure when he is not ready.


Gemini men are all over the place. One day they’re ready and the next day they want to move to a new country, but they always end up falling for the woman who makes them feel wanted and needed. He likes the feeling that someone depends on him and loves being the ‘savior.’ The kind of woman that will make a Gemini man want to settle down is someone who can make him feel loved and needed, share his love of exploring new things, and support his ever-changing decisions and plans. 


Cancer men are sensitive and emotional and are always seeking a deep emotional connection and a loyal partner. They need a woman who can provide them with a safe and nurturing environment and someone they can trust. He will only settle down with a woman who is empathetic, caring, kind, and giving, who accepts him and embraces all his flaws. 


Leo men love to be the center of attention and love having the final word. They are attracted to women who are equally confident and outspoken but who also make them feel like they wear the pants in the relationship. The kind of woman that will make a Leo man want to settle down is someone who can look beyond his intimidating personality and get to know him on a more personal level. He loves a woman who asks him a lot of questions and is always curious to listen to his stories. He wants someone who never loses interest in what he says. 


Virgo men are known for their love of luxury and their growing affluence. He loves to spoil himself and those around him. He wants a woman who is sensual, feminine, and enjoys the finer things in life, someone who is into expensive cars and yachts and has her own mini collection of designer handbags but who is also humble and sweet at the same time not arrogant or conceited. He wants to enjoy the good things in life, but with someone who doesn’t take it all for granted. 


Libra men are charming and sociable; they value harmony and balance in their relationships. They love women who are fun to be around—easygoing, pleasant, and funny. He doesn’t settle down easily, but if he really enjoys someone’s company and this woman can be both his best friend and his girlfriend, he will settle down because he’s going to feel like he already knows everything about her and she accepts him and loves him for who he is. He doesn’t have to pretend to be anyone else around her or filter his words. 


Scorpio men are flirtatious, intense, and passionate, and they love making the most of life. They are attracted to women who are outgoing and entertaining and who love to party and have a good time. The kind of woman that will make a Scorpio man want to settle down is someone who can match his intensity and provide him with a deep emotional connection full of passion, pleasure, and excitement. 


Sagittarius men are adventurous, free-spirited, and value their independence, but they’re also well-traveled and knowledgeable. They are drawn to women who are confident, intelligent, and able to keep up with their active lifestyle. A woman who is open-minded and is always traveling to beautiful destinations or trying new classes and taking new courses will always win his heart. He loves being with someone who is always working on herself and expanding her horizons.


Capricorn men are ambitious, determined, and responsible, and they tend to be attracted to women who share those qualities too. A woman who has her own goals and aspirations, and who is motivated to achieve them, is what the Capricorn man is looking for. He also wants to build a family with someone, so she has to be loyal and committed and the kind of person who puts her family first. 


Aquarius men are charming and charismatic but can also be unpredictable. They’re playful, so it’s hard to take them seriously at first; however, they are attracted to women who are comfortable in their own skin. Someone who is not afraid to be herself and challenges him a little bit. He can be a bit reckless, so he needs someone who can ground him and remind him of the important things in life. He will only settle down with the woman who ‘completes’ him because he doesn’t mind being alone forever. 


Pisces men are romantic and sensitive, but they can come across as cold and indifferent at first. That’s why they are drawn to women who are nurturing and compassionate. They value emotional connection and intimacy, and they are attracted to women who can understand and empathize with their emotions. He wants someone who is extremely supportive and sticks with him through thick and thin, because he is willing to do anything for the woman he loves but he wants to make sure that she is worthy and deserving of that love first.