Ron Lach

The Romantic Gesture Each Zodiac Sign Loves Most

Love is a beautiful feeling that we all crave, and one of the most resonant ways of expressing love is through romantic gestures. However, what works for one person may not work for another. Each individual has different tastes and preferences, which is why understanding your partner’s zodiac sign can give you insight into the romantic gestures they will love the most. What will win them over? What will cause their hearts to be forever yours?

Below we’ve outlined the romantic gesture that would sweep your person off of their feet! 


Aries loves when their life is lived on the edge. These passionate, intense souls appreciate the element of surprise and they are always the person you can count on when it comes to embracing spontaneity. Thus if you’re trying to capture the heart of the Ram, you can’t go wrong by planning a spontaneous date for the two of you. Whether you’re surprising them with a road trip somewhere inspiring, or inviting them to an outdoor activity that is bound to get their adrenaline pumping, the romance will be free-flowing and feverish — just like your Aries.


Taurus is a grounded and earthy sign that will always embrace the comforts of a life well lived. They appreciate the finer things this world has to offer, so when it comes to pulling on their heartstrings, it’s important to merge both opulence and a whole lot of pampering. If you’re trying to win your Taurus over, a romantic gesture that would surely capture their attention (and their devotion) would be an intimate, candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a cozy night in with an extravagant meal and an even more delicious bottle of wine. Dim the lights, amp up the ambiance, and you’ll have a happy Bull on your hands.


As an air sign, Gemini is devoted to intense communication and deeply intellectual stimulation. The more they use their minds, the happier they are. To the twins, nothing is more romantic than something that offers them the ability to mentally connect with an idea, or someone they admire, and this can be used to your advantage if you’re trying to win over their heart. Try planning a thought-provoking experience for them, or even play into their love of spontaneity and surprise them with tickets to a lecture or a book signing. If you can capture their interest, and empower their creative ideas, you’ll be sure to dazzle your Gemini into feeling loved and seen by you.


Cancer is a water sign, and because of this everything inside of them runs deep. They are motivated by all kinds of romantic gestures that err on the side of making them feel loved and appreciated. Therefore, it isn’t difficult to light a fire in the heart of your Crab, so long as you’re carrying out the kind of gesture that makes them realize just how deeply you are attached to them. If words are your thing, write your Cancer a love letter outlining all of the things you admire about them. If that’s not your strong suit, simply plan a movie night for them, surprise them with their favorite snacks, and turn up the comfort. Closeness is the name of the game here — your Crab just wants to connect. 


As a fire sign, admiration is the way to a Leo’s heart — the more attention the better. Therefore, the lion appreciates grand gestures more than any other sign in the zodiac. If your romantic idea also showcases their importance in your life, you’ll have a Leo swooning over you in the most devoted way. Surprise the apple of your eye with a party or arrange for a private live performance of their favorite songs — the name of the game is extravagance and entertainment, and making your Leo the center of attention is bound to gain you points in the love department. 


When it comes to turning up the romance with a Virgo, it’s important to approach the grounded maiden with a plan that showcases just how much thought and effort went into its inception. Therefore, the way into the heart of such a sign is through something as simple, and thoughtful, as a gift that illustrates just how thankful you are to have them in your life. Virgos often take care of everyone around them, so to have someone show up in their atmosphere with tenderness and gratitude, is a rare and welcomed gesture that will represent both admiration and reciprocity. 


As the aesthetic kings and queens of the zodiac, Libras are well known for their eye and how they use it to find the most appealing, and awe-inspiring things the world has to offer. Therefore, if you’re trying to romance your harmonious counterpart, it’s important to focus on gestures that are soul-stirring and visually resonant. Try planning a surprise spa day, or a visit to an art exhibit or a botanical garden. Anything that enhances a Libra’s surroundings, or causes something deep within them to crack with inspiration, is sure to dazzle them and balance their scales, leading to a happy partner, and an even more successful romantic soiree.


Scorpios are the most violently alive sign in the zodiac, and their soul is made from equal parts mystery and passion. A mystical nature dances around them at all times, and they are deeply connected to the world as a whole. Therefore, if you’re trying to fight your way into their hearts, it is important to focus on romancing them through the passionately meaningful things they find stimulating and inspiring. Scorpions will be swept away by gestures that focus on things that are mentally stirring, like a visit to a place with historical or spiritual significance. If you focus on provoking deep conversation, you’re sure to also provoke some intense devotion. 


The flightiest of all signs, Sagittarius sure does love their independence and the tension that exists between their minds and a new experience is palpable. If you’re trying to make the archer swoon over you, you have to ensure that you exhilarate them. It is as simple and as complicated as that. When it comes to romantic gestures, try organizing a surprise trip to a destination that they themselves haven’t even heard of. Think of the most unexplored and unknown part of the world, or even work to make your very own hometown feel new again by revealing to your Sag local secrets they might not be aware of. Life is all about going “out there” to this sign, so be sure to take them on the ride of their life.


Despite the world perceiving Capricorns as cold and calculating, they have the softest hearts once they open themselves up to love and the tenderness that it brings out in them. While you may think that romantic gestures wouldn’t be appreciated by the sea-goat — you’re wrong. To this sign, it’s important to remind them that they are heard and seen in their relationships. If they have been talking about wanting to do something, but haven’t made the time for it just yet, surprise them with the experience, and let them know that you wanted to do it together. They will be sweetened by your attention to detail, and your gesture will help them to trust that you are actually committed and rooted in your connection.


Aquarians are deeply unrepressed, and they chase their free-spirit more than they ever chase romance — so locking one down is not for those who have weak wills. If you’re trying to impress the water-bearer, you have to focus on gestures that are unique and unconventional. Play into the things in this life that are creative or intellectual, as they tend to value anything that showcases intelligence and originality. If there is an art exhibit that just landed in town, surprise them with tickets to the opening. Or, plan a date where you two could watch obscure foreign films together and dive into deep conversation over the concepts. Your Aquarius may be addicted to liberation, but you can capture their hearts by appealing to their singularity in this world.


Soft, tender and imaginative Pisces — forever in love with the concept of love, the fish appreciates the things in life that are poetic and emotionally resonant. When it comes to romance, this works in your favor, because it won’t be difficult to sweep them off of their feet. Tap into their artistic or spiritual side by surprising them with a handwritten poem or a piece of artwork that reflects your feelings for them. The deeper the better, as this sign loves to swim in the vast waters of connection and sentiment. In other words — lay the love on thick, because your Pisces will drown in gestures of immense adoration.