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The Worst Way To Break Up With Each Zodiac


If you break things off with an Aries and don’t give them a reason, they won’t be able to stop obsessing over it. Your breakup will haunt any future relationships of theirs, like a persistent thunk in the back of their skulls asking why, why, why? Save yourself the trouble of a text years down the line begging for an explanation. Just be upfront with them.


There’s nothing that frustrates a Taurus more than not getting a chance to fix things before a breakup occurs. While they’re very keyed into all of their relationships, Tauruses often miss the signs that point to trouble ahead. Before cutting them off completely, bring up your concerns. Give them an opportunity to adjust whatever isn’t clicking.


You do NOT want to ghost a Gemini. Not only will it take them a while to pick up on what you’re doing—they’re such frequent texters that they’re used to only getting a certain percentage of responses back—but it’ll put a massive dent in their self-esteem. Gemini pride themselves on their communication skills. Respect that and don’t leave them hanging.


If your plan to break up with a Cancer is to subtly give less and less attention and affection to them before actually going through with it: don’t. Cancers notice everything and will certainly recognize that the person they care about is moving away from them. This will only make them paranoid and more emotional when you finally do cut things off.


If you break things off over the phone with a Leo, watch out. Even if you haven’t been together for much time, even if you’re long distance, Leos will take it personally that you didn’t make the effort to see them in person to end things. Honestly, you shouldn’t do that to any sign. But do it to a Leo and they’ll tell every single person you both know about it.


Don’t pick an unnecessary fight with a Virgo. Oftentimes they appear stoic in the face of emotional distress, which can make you feel unheard or invalidated. Know that this is how Virgos process what they’re feeling. To instigate an argument will only make them draw into themselves more. Ask them how they’re feeling if you want the truth.


Do not unnecessarily draw out a breakup with a Libra. Despite their reputation for being so back and forth, they hate being in a relationship that feels like it’s on the edge of something without ever actually falling off of it. The uncertainty of your future makes them uncomfortable and will leave them in a perpetual state of anxiety until the issue is addressed.


Scorpios hate feeling like they’ve been lied to, especially by somebody that they have feelings for. They’re also very perceptive when it comes to relationships, so if you think that you’re hiding your desire to break things off: you probably aren’t. Don’t stay with a Scorpio hoping things will get better without working to fix what’s broken.


Generally Sagittarians will calmly accept a breakup, especially if they see it coming ahead of time. But one thing they can’t accept are insults being hurled in their face. Sagittariuses feel that if they’re able to move on with their lives and be amicable, so should everyone else. There’s no reason to anger them by poking at their insecurities.


Capricorns tend to be selective about their romantic partners because it’s so difficult for them to let people in. They are rarely the ones to initiate a breakup, even if it seems inevitable. So there’s nothing worse for a Capricorn than to have their breakup be treated as unimportant or inconsequential. They need to feel like letting someone in was not a waste of time.


Once a relationship is over, Aquarians like to move on completely. They don’t want to be caught in a text thread or go out for coffee after the breakup has happened. The worst thing you could do when breaking up with an Aquarius is to keep inserting yourself into their life after it’s done. Not only will it irritate them, but it isn’t fair to you either.


Pisces are sensitive creatures and feel much more for their partners than they may appear to. For this reason, disregarding their emotions is a big mistake. If you attempt to break up with a Pisces under the assumption that you two are on the same emotional level, you might be in for a surprise. Err on the side of gentleness with them when possible.