Brandon Woelfel

This Is The Relationship Pattern You Keep Repeating, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You keep choosing people on impulse, thanks to your lack of patience. If you have even a minor crush on someone, you go for it right away. It means that you’ll completely miss some otherwise glaring red flags.


You get too comfortable, too fast. You love the companionship of a relationship. You’d rather skip the dating stage and go straight to the part where you spend your nights cuddled up on the couch. That speed might not work for everyone you date.


You get bored so easily and give up on relationships before they’ve even had a chance to begin. You’re the one who’ll ghost someone just because they have an unusual laugh or a little bounce to their walk. Your friends say you’re too picky, and they may be right.


You get too hung up on your exes. You’re the one who complains about your terrible ex to anyone who will listen–and even some who’d rather not. This colors any future relationships because you’re forever comparing them to the people who came before.


You end up focusing more on your own wants and needs than those of your partner. Your partners often feel neglected, when all they really want is to feel special. It’s something you know you struggle with, and yet here you are, continuing to struggle.


You take the lead so often that your partners feel like you don’t trust them. You’d rather just do things the “right way” than let them take the lead. Unfortunately, this means that many of the people you date end up feeling like they’re not good enough.


You’re the serial dater. By the time you break up for good, you already have someone waiting in the wings ready to become your next partner. With no gaps between relationships, you often forget what you’re even like as a solo person, and not as part of a duo.


You have a hard time opening up, and you usually regret it when you do. You’ll finally be vulnerable, but after the breakup you’ll wish you hadn’t because you feel like it was used against you. This is a vicious cycle of vulnerability and being close-off that ultimately gives you emotional whiplash.


Your partners often feel like you don’t think about them. You go on adventures and don’t always include them, so they ultimately feel like they care more about you than you do them. In the end, your independence makes others feel unwanted, even if you’re truly obsessed with them at heart.


You have opinions on everything, and that includes what everyone “should” be doing. Many of partners feel like you don’t trust their judgment, especially when you give them unsolicited advice. Every time you give them advice they don’t want to hear, they pull a little further away.


You often mistake quiet in the relationship as “companionable silence.” Truth is, you’re often so engrossed in your own work or projects that you don’t realize that your partner is unhappy. Just because you don’t need to say how you feel doesn’t mean that’s the case for everyone.


You have very strict rules for how open your partner should be. If they don’t share their emotions often, you lose interest. That means you might be missing out on grand relationships just because people are a little slower to open up.