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This Is Your Main Love Language, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Gary Chapman once said in his book that human beings have what we now call love languages—the method to which a person expresses his or her love and at the same time the way a person receives somebody’s affection. The five love languages that human beings have are receiving gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, and acts of service. These are important, because how your love and affection is perceived and reciprocated depends on the love language of your partner, your future partner, or the partner you wanted to be with.

But these love languages do not just act alone. As with any other factors, they are always influenced by one’s personality, attributes, principles, and viewpoint. And such factors have always been related to our astrological star signs.

 For those who think that the alignment of stars has absolutely nothing to do with our personality, then maybe this is not for you and you can already stop reading it. But for those who felt connected to this somehow, your love language might just be dictated as well by your astrological star sign. 


Most people born under the star sign Aries are bold, ambitious, and energetic. They are usually impulsive, quick to fall in love, and love to show their affection to their partners bluntly. As such, their love language is words affirmation and physical touch. The words of affirmation stroke their love ego and the physical touch confirms it.


Those who are born under this star sign are said to be patient, loyal, and reliable. When a Taurus shows their commitment, they hold on to it for as long as they can. They are also steadfast and grounded such that they want something stable and sustainable, so they like things that are real and tangible. This is why most Tauruses love language is acts of service. They appreciate things they can see and touch. Show them you care and they’ll appreciate the gesture.


They’re usually the most versatile personalities in all of the astrological signs. Those born under this star sign are mostly talkative and spontaneous. This is the reason why their love language is words of affirmation. They consider conversation as a form of foreplay. Seduce their mind and their heart will be yours forever.


A lot of people born under this sign love to nurture and be nurtured. They might have a tough exterior, but inside them is a fragile heart that just wants to be cared for. This is why their love language is quality time. They make an effort around the people they care for and, as such, they also want someone who spends time with them.


There are lots of misconceptions about Leo. But one thing that’s for sure is that those born under this sign are passionate, warm-hearted, generous, and loving. People under this star sign express their affection by hugging, kissing, and all forms of physical contact. When you’re someone close to a Leo, you will always have too much love on your side. That is why the way they show their love as well as how they want to be loved is through physical touch. Leo lovers need to be showered with affection.


Those born under this sign are known to be logical, organized, modest, and practical. They show kindness to people and expect the same in return. People born under this sign are known to take calculated risk. Since they’re practical and logical, they want to act upon something after careful consideration. For this, Virgo’s love language is acts of service. This sign is all about making an effort and receiving the same in return.


This star sign is known to be the most aesthetic sign among all 12. They like pretty things, but they’re also romantic, charming, easy going, and most importantly, sociable. They’re like the star of the crowd. They As such, their love language is receiving gifts, but they will also appreciate some quality time with the ones they love.


They say that Scorpio is the astrological sign who rules sex. They’re not only soul diving and seductive but also magnetic. Most people who are ruled by this star sign are talkative and sociable simply because people are naturally attracted to them. They’re like the glue of the group that coheres everyone. A natural magnet for people, Scorpio’s love language is words of affirmation. They would love to hear you say you care for them and not just assume that you do by your gifts and service. 


People born under this sign are good humored and optimistic. As such, though quiet and reserved most of the time, Sagittarius is one of the most lovable signs of all the 12. They’re natural charmers, although unlike Libras and Scorpios, Sagittariuses have that unspoken connection to people which draws you to them in an incomprehensible way. This is why their love language is quality time. They love to spend time with people. This is how they show their affection as well as how you can show your affection to them. The zodiac optimist, Sagittariuses always sees the glass half full.


Capricorns are born to be practical and prudent. Tagged as the most ambitious sign, most Capricorns are patient, hardworking, and someone who will always persevere. This is why their most dominant love language is acts of service. Knowing how Capricorns make an effort in anything and in any relationship, they also want to be loved the same way. As they are also practical, Capricorn’s subdominant love language is receiving gifts. Duty-driven and pragmatic Capricorns view acts of service as a truly loving act.


This astrological sign is known to be the advocator among all the other signs. People born under this sign are independent, honest, and friendly. Unlike Capricorns and Tauruses, Aquarians are most attracted to intangible things. As such, their love language is quality time. They appreciate someone who spends his most valuable resource, which is time, on them. Aquarius hearts will get racing by discussing thoughts and causes that are close to their heart.


Last but not the least, the most compassionate and sensitive sign of the 12. People born under this sign feel everything for everyone. They empathize with everyone and anyone around them. This is why their love language is acts of service. They want to show their affection by doing something for other people. Selfless, Pisces’s love is like an ocean. It knows no bounds.

Knowing one’s love language is important. And I’m not talking about French, which is known as the most romantic language, but I’m talking about how love is expressed with different personalities and different methods.