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Ways You Are Ruining Your Life In Your 30s, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Taurus, beware — 30-39 is a dangerous time for you. Why? Because the Taurus personality type loves routine and stability, and your 30s are a time of fossilizing all the lessons and experiences you’ve had in your life. You can’t stay stagnant in your 30s. You must fight through your natural inclination to remain in the same place and search for new horizons. Failure to do so might mean not living up to your fullest potential and just a boring life that does not fully allow you to be yourself.


Virgos obsession with doing things right might lead them to think their life is already over by the time they hit 30. This could lead to a lot of wasted years in their 30s where they are too focused on what they are losing instead of what they are gaining as they reach mid-life. So, listen up Virgo, you’re not old, you’re in your prime. You’re absolutely perfect now.


Your 30s are scary when you’re a Gemini. Your 30s means you’ll need to commit to one single path or decision (marriage?! kids?!?!) for the rest of your life, and that is pure torture given the indecisive nature of Gemini people. Geminis then ruin their 30s by not making decisions and never giving up carefree and spontaneous ways, which comes back hard to bite them in the butt.



In their 30s, a Leo might do something very dramatic. Like invest all their money in a crazy Airbnb in the middle of the desert, or get a face tattoo. They tend to have wild midlife crises that bring them on — how do I phrase this nicely? — not so ideal adventures.


Aries, you gotta keep that fire burning. You’re the ram, you’re a leader, and you need to use that energy to take charge in your career, your relationships, your life. But sometimes when an Aries hits 30, and especially when they hit their late 30s, that passionate fire can start to fade. The question, what is the point? Seeps in and can compromise your spirit. If you let that take over, you’re 30s are going be wasted. Stay bold, and make time for fun, even as you age.


Libra you need to be careful in your 30s. Your conflict-avoidant personality can be dangerous and it’s common for a libra to ruin their 30s by settling. Make sure you rock the boat occasionally otherwise your life is going stink when you hit 40.


What’s the deal with Scorpios in their 30s? I suppose what is the deal with Scorpios in general? It’s no secret that Scorpios have a reputation for being intense, mysterious and competitive. But! Some Scorpios may fall into the trap of trying to outdo their wild and reckless antics from their 20s, which can lead to a downward spiral in their 30s.


Sagittarius, we know ages 30-39 might feel weird for you. What adventures are left in your thirties? Youth and vitality are escaping you now. And with that your curiosity and free-spirted nature are also dissipating.


Dear Capricorn, please be sure to slow down a little bit in your 30s and enjoy what youth you have left. Lighten up, Capricorn! Life’s not all work and no play. You run the risk of ruining your 30s and maybe the rest of your life by becoming Jack Nicholson in The Shinning. Get off the hamster wheel and take a vacation, just not to an abandoned hotel in winter.


Aquarians run the risk of getting completely stuck in their heads in their 30s. See that innovative spirit and clever brain if not grounded properly can start to come up with some really out there ideas, that aren’t revolutionary as much as they are goofy and disconnected from real life needs. So if everyone is saying your ides are weird and you’re getting too out there, listen to them.


Pisces love being 30 because they finally feel like they have their life together — or at least they’ve fooled themselves into thinking that. It’s like they’ve hit the “adulting” jackpot and can now confidently navigate the murky waters of bills, relationships, and career choices. Yet they can grow quickly tired of all this adulting and when the thrill is gone start acting like babies again.