What Each Zodiac Sign Hides Early On In Relationships

What Each Zodiac Hides Early On In Relationships


They hide their thoughts on you. They won’t admit how much they like you or how they can’t stop thinking about you. They’ll wait for you to initiate that type of conversation and say the words first.


They hide their clinginess. They don’t want to come on too strong and scare you away, so they try to give you space. They try not to overwhelm you when the relationship is still fresh and new because their eagerness has backfired before.


They hide their baggage. They want to wait until they know you’re in this for the long-run to open up to you. They want to make sure you can handle the truth – and that you deserve the truth.


They hide their expectations. They aren’t a stranger to playing games early on in relationships. They won’t come out and say what they want from this person. They’ll drop some hints first.


They hide their weirdness. They do their best to act classy and mature because they don’t want to make things awkward. They won’t want to let their guard down completely until they know that they’re on the same page and have compatible senses of humor.


They hide their complaints. They try to act a little more optimistic than normal because they don’t want to ruin the mood. They don’t want to look ungrateful, either. They want to enhance your mood, not bring it down.


They hide their insecurities. They try their best to come across as confident in order to make a good first impression. They won’t let you in on how awkward and uncomfortable they feel because they want you to think they have it all together.


They hide their past. They don’t want to talk about their history with relationships or their family drama. They would rather keep the focus on you until they feel like they know you well enough to really open up.


They hide their real interests. They’ll pretend to be interested in what their partner is interested in to keep conversation going. But they’ll need a while until they feel comfortable sharing their real guilty pleasures.


They hide their darker emotions. They try to keep things light and fun. They don’t want to come crying on your shoulder early on in the relationship, before they know whether they can trust you to help them through problems.


They hide their future plans. They’ll talk about their current career, but they won’t go into detail about the big dreams they have for themselves. They won’t share their hopes and desires because they’re too personal.


They hide their excitement. They don’t want to seem too eager to date you and then get embarrassed if you don’t feel the same way. They don’t want to be the person who cares more because that always ends in pain.