What Each Zodiac Needs In The Beginning Of A Relationship

ARIES (3/21 – 4/19)

A little chase.

The god of war must have something to conquer, and you, Aries, need to feel like your talents of seduction are on display. You love making the first move, and the adrenaline that comes from taking risks and putting yourself out there. These are the moments of tension and suspense that make for a good love story. Every plot needs a conflict, and it’s the resolution of that conflict where you build the foundation of your relationships. Overcoming some barrier together gives you the sense of security you need to see a future by someone’s side, and the excitement of a new beginning becomes the source of your future nostalgia. You want the beginning to be a wild ride you can brag about for years to come while the relationship itself is all smooth sailing. 

TAURUS (4/20 – 5/20)

To be wined and dined.

There is something about first dates that is about more than making a good first impression, Taurus. When the circumstances are aligned, a good date is a way to demonstrate how much you already like someone. The effort corresponds to the level of interest. Which is why coffee makes sense for someone you’re meeting from an app for the first time, but that’s not what you’re looking for. You want the full blown “Be Our Guest” dinner and a show. You want all of your senses engaged, in a way that the two of you will enjoy regardless of whether that spark ignites between you. But oh boy, if it does, beware what trouble sight, sound, smell, taste and touch will get you into once the mood is set. 

GEMINI (5/21 – 6/20)

Patience and consistency.

The beginning of a new relationship is a trial period for you, Gemini. Your partner needs to demonstrate their ability to integrate themselves into your busy life. They have to earn the right to become your main priority. So they need to be able to wait in line at the start. No matter how much of a success that first date is, you’re not automatically available the next day to keep that high going. You’re looking for someone who is going to stick around in spite of a lack of instant gratification, who isn’t put off by the fact that you have other people and things to focus on. The person who doesn’t expect you to drop everything once they enter your life, is the person you will give priority, VIP, pre-sale access to your calendar, and they won’t even need a specific credit card to get it. 

CANCER (6/21 – 7/22)

An icebreaker.

No offense to the majority of the population on your behalf, Cancer, but you need someone who can talk about more than sports, tacos, or their dog on a first date. You need someone who has that heart-on-their-sleeve personality to get past your outer layer. Think of those melting chocolate ball desserts all over the internet. The other person needs to have that special sauce to melt your shell. There has to be finesse, charm, smoothness. This person needs to be warm cream or hot fudge; clumsily hacking away at you with any old spoon will just make a mess and ruin the experience. A steady, engaging confidence and sincere interest in you will do the trick to get back that initial hump of small talk and into the important, meaty topics that make you you.

LEO (7/23 – 8/22)


At the beginning of a relationship, Leo, you need someone who can pivot from dinner to drinks, from drinks to a party, from a party to karaoke, and wherever else the night takes you. Someone who isn’t worried about being dressed for the occasion, who has enough confidence to show up to something unexpected as they are, put their best foot forward, and enjoy what life has to offer, and the most important part is that they can do it with you. You need someone who can keep up, who isn’t intimidated by new people, places, or experiences. You’re a mover and a shaker in all kinds of company, and that’s because you’ve kept an open mind and heart. The only thing that could make it better is someone to share it with.

VIRGO (8/23 – 9/22)


The weirder, the better for you, Virgo. You are bored to tears by basic. You don’t want to go to coffee with someone and hear about how seriously they take their corporate 9 to 5, how much they love their spin class, or their fantasy sports team. You need to know idiosyncrasies that this person is afraid to tell anyone about. You want to hear about what they finally succeeded at after trying and failing multiple times, like making homemade mayonnaise or a very complicated adult Lego build. You just need that satisfaction of knowing you are connecting with an individual, and not scraping the surface of someone who doesn’t even know their own self very well. You’ve taken the time to curate and develop a unique personality, and need to be paired with someone who has done the same.

LIBRA (9/23 – 10/22)


You need someone who is going to show you an experience outside your own Libra. If you are someone who likes to stay at home and reach or watch movies on the couch, you need someone who knows how to dance or loves to hike. If you’re a big restaurant buff, you need someone who loves to cook at home. You know that opposites don’t just attract, they expand your exposure to the world. They can lend you strength where you had a specific weakness, and vice versa. You need a foil to your personality, because too much of any one thing, even a good thing, can stagnate growth. When you’re in an echo chamber of you own thoughts and tastes, the whole point of doing life with another person can get lost a little. 

SCORPIO (10/23 – 11/21)

Emotional intimacy.

We know you can create chemistry with just about anyone, Scorpio, so at the beginning of a relationship, you’re really looking for that deeper, emotional connection in order to feel like there is a true future ahead with this person. You need trust and comfort, that easy conversation, that desire to be near them, even if it’s just to sit in silence together. All the little things that tell you this is my person. When your intuition tells you they’re not just intrigued by your allure, your mystery, your sexual appeal, that they can already make out the outline of who you are beneath all of those things, and that they have the perseverance to stick around and fill in the rest of the blanks, you’ll let them have the access to you you only let someone have in a secure relationship.

SAGITTARIUS (11/22 – 12/21)

A challenge.

You like to be tested, Sagittarius. To be teased and played with and taunted. You like to work for it in the beginning. To show someone you can go above and beyond for them. There’s a time for easy, a time for consistent, but at the beginning of a relationship, you can take a little suffering. The delayed gratification, the time spent ruminating on your developing feelings, a slow build will give you the certainty you need to know this is what you want, and you can’t fully invest in a relationship until you’re 100% sure of that. When people move too fast, you start to doubt yourself, and you never want to feel like you’re just getting dragged along by a current. You’d rather fight your way upstream knowing the destination is one you chose yourself.

CAPRICORN (12/22 – 1/19)


You want to be spoiled, Capricorn. You want to know there is no one else they’ve ever wanted the way they want you. Someone who is willing to wait on you hand and foot, wait for you if need be, do whatever it takes to get and stay in your good graces. You want someone who is willing to do long distance, to work around your busy schedule, go to any lengths to make it work. Lukewarm anything is not your style, and you’re not turned off by hot and heavy straight out of the gate. You’re fine being on the receiving end of constant adoration. It brings you a level of security when it comes time to reciprocate, and that’s okay. Your person will understand your love language needs, and create a safe space to express your own in return.

AQUARIUS (1/20 – 2/18)


You need someone who can get their hands dirty, Aquarius. Someone who doesn’t get too lost in the adrenaline rush of a first date. Who can start things on a practical and realistic foot. So maybe you ditch the fancy cocktails in a dimly lit room with velvet booths for weekend errands together. Your vegetable garden needs weeding, you need to go antiquing for some furniture on a budget, or you have a few things you want to grab from the local farmers market. You’re looking for someone who can be that persistent companion in the everyday, and not just a Cinderella story that ends before a real relationship begins. For you, the beginning of the relationship should set the tone for what is to come. 

PISCES (2/19 – 3/20)


The beginning of a relationship needs to make you think, Pisces. You want to find a person who leaves a deep impression on you. Like a movie that moves you in theaters, but stays on your mind for days after. One you pick apart, examine, and analyze because it is so complex, so nuanced you cannot perceive and make sense of it all at once. You want a person with density, Pisces. Someone whose many parts have created a solid structure. Something to be admired and observed. Familiarity will come with time, but that beginning stage is all about awe and wonder. Like traveling to a country for the first time and seeing a place you had only read about. Something you’d imagined appearing before you in the flesh.