Kate Gundareva

What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From Libra Season

Libra season has arrived, and with it, an opportunity to set some things straight. While Virgo season pushed us to get organized and disciplined in our lives, Libra is asking us to now ensure we are creating a balance between ourselves and others. From September 23 to October 23rd, Libra is ready to step up and help you figure out the areas that could use some harmony, beauty, and connection. 

Mercury in Retrograde has already started our Libra journey and has brought these areas to our attention for some much-needed focus and reassessment. However, once the Retrograde lifts on October 2nd, The Sun in Libra is ready to help us put these new revelations to action—though the path won’t always be smooth. The New Moon in Libra on September 25th will help set the tone for defining our relationships and what we want from them, and by the time the Aries Full Moon takes place on October 9th, we will be ready to strike that balance between what we need and what others need.

Libra season asks us to prioritize our relationships and ourselves in specific ways, which may be challenging at times. Ultimately, the goal is a deeper appreciation for our connections while also reminding us we are allowed to take up space and desire a beautiful, rich, full life.

Take a look at your sign below (your Sun AND your Rising) to see what you can expect from this Libra season.


Your relationships are front and center for this season, Aries, as the Sun (as well as Mercury) transits your house of partnerships. This could bring up some much-needed conversations surrounding your relationships, though it may feel a bit tense. Your relationships can’t grow if you don’t communicate what you need and if you aren’t willing to listen to your loved ones when they express their needs to you. Additionally, with Mercury in Retrograde, you could experience some past relationship trauma that you’ve been working hard to put behind you, but don’t worry—these reminders are about learning from your past, not reliving it. Once the Full Moon enters your sign later in the season, you’ll feel the full circle effects of what it means to care for both you and your loved ones.


It’s time to revisit the ways you take care of yourself, Taurus. This season is asking you to reevaluate the habits and routines that you rely on and ask if they are helping you. There is nothing wrong with doing something just for the sake of feeling better, but if you can also implement options that will improve your overall well-being, then why not? With the New Moon ready to open the door for new things, you’ll want to take advantage of what’s being offered to you.


Mercury, your ruling planet, is already stirring things up for you with this Retrograde, but you’re handling it in stride. With the Sun finally entering your house of romance and creativity, this area of your life is genuinely getting the spotlight. While you are often a sign that likes to look at all the possibilities, that desire might try to run away with you and even overwhelm you. The good news is the Retrograde has had you slow down enough to know your limits regarding your love and creative life and what will bring you pleasure. You’ll want to use that reflection once the cloudiness clears—you can go extremely far in these areas if you are willing to see what you have and what can be made from it, rather than trying to escape it. You know what you want, but rather than running headfirst into the unexpected, walk in with confidence. 


Home is where the heart is—and it’s also the priority for you this Libra season, Cancer. As the Sun moves through your house of roots and home, you may realize the place you find comfort and security could use some much-needed attention. Whether it has to do with your actual, physical home or the connections and relationships with your family, healing and strengthening your connection to them will greatly impact the rest of your life. Creating a safe, secure, and welcoming space makes a difference in your relationships—with others and yourself. The Full Moon will show up in your house of career later, which could bring your attention to a shift in your work/home life balance. By building your home life up, you’ll be ready for the opportunities that come next.


You’ve been struggling with proper communication due to the Retrograde, which hasn’t been easy for you. However, as the Sun moves into your house of communication, you’ll recognize just how important it’s been to slow down and be intentional in how you approach conversations. Slowing down and considering how you address people is worth taking a few extra moments if it means you can keep your close relationships intact. Additionally, this season may bring out your diplomatic tendencies—a reminder that even if you’re the loudest voice in the room, there is still importance in the community surrounding you.


Now that your season has come to a close, your second house of finances and possessions is coming into focus—what things, both material and emotional, do you prioritize? Are these things connected to your relationships? When it comes to budgeting and our wallets, typically what we spend our money on says a lot about where we are in our lives, for better or worse. Pay attention to where you’re placing your money and how it could affect your relationships with others.


Happy Birthday, Libra! Although the Sun is just now moving into your sign, Mercury has already found its way to you, challenging you to reassess yourself during this retrograde. As this transit lifts and you feel a little more secure in your house of Self, you may find yourself presented with the question of who you are when you aren’t constantly trying to make everyone else happy. The season will continue with this theme, asking you to make just as firm of a commitment to yourself as you are known to do with everyone else. Naturally, when the Full Moon enters your House of Partnerships later on, you’ll bring with you a renewed sense of balance—you know you’re allowed to take up space, and the people who love you will want you to.


It’s okay to keep to yourself at times, but this isn’t news to you, Scorpio. As the Sun transits your house of spirituality and secrets, you may have to face some inner issues and situations that you’ve tried to dismiss—but everything comes out eventually. While this season is often about partnerships, sometimes it’s essential to do some work on your own to benefit those connections down the line—if you keep pushing things down and not dealing with them, it’s only going to be more difficult down the road.


Mercury in Retrograde has left you feeling a bit disconnected lately, Sagittarius, as it’s been making its way through your house of connections and community. However, as the haze clears and the Sun is shining on this house, opportunities to connect with your friends will likely appear—and it is your job to show up. You cannot expect to push people away and go at it on your own and also be disappointed when those people stop reaching out—nurturing your connections isn’t always easy to make a priority, but this season is certainly asking you to try.


Libra season focuses on your House of Career, which feels right at home for you, Capricorn. While Mercury in Retrograde may have left you experiencing some frustration regarding work projects or colleagues, once it stations direct, you’ll feel the friction ease up. The potential for new work projects is impossible to ignore, and you know you’re more than capable of taking them on—but don’t overwhelm yourself by believing you must do it all. Libra season likes to remind us that our relationships matter and that while it’s easy to act as though the entire world is on our shoulders, it’s not, nor should it be. Lean on your loved ones for support, ask for help in areas where you need it, and know that you are talented, but you don’t have to be invincible. 


Sometimes the best adventures are the ones not planned, Aquarius—and this Retrograde is here to remind you of that. As the planet spins through your House of Philosophy, Expansion, and Travel, you may find that your worldview and determined paths may open up beyond what you’ve expected. This is a good thing—there is so much out in the world for you, and it’s easy to believe restraining yourself from it will be best, but that’s just not the case. It won’t be easy to strike a new path, but it will be worth it—so don’t hold yourself back.


Your connections are taking center stage, Pisces. Mercury has been moving through your house of transformation and shared finances, which has had you reassessing who you’re tied to and what keeps you connected to certain people. The Sun is now shining an even brighter light here—as you reassess, what is coming to light? Your relationships are important, but you tend to devote your entire being to someone without thinking of the outcomes—and by the time you may be ready to cut ties, you are entangled in ways you didn’t anticipate. What are your connections based on—and are they truly the ones you should be investing in?