Gabi Mulder

What Every Zodiac Needs From Summer 2023


Aries needs to slow down this summer. After a year that has, so far, been filled with excitement, travel, and general busyness, Aries need to relax and put their feet up before they implode. Even if that looks like being just as productive as normal while seated on the beach with a fruity drink in hand, so be it. Aries work hard–they deserve to take some time for themselves and enjoy the life they’ve built.


Taurus needs something monumental to go their way this summer. After a string of mishaps and disappointments, they’re starting to feel like they’re floundering despite new opportunities coming their way. They need a sign from the universe that they’re headed in the right direction, a sign that there will be something beautiful at the end of all this madness. If they’re looking, it’ll present itself soon.


Gemini needs to continue filling their schedule with fun activities and trips to see friends. It’s been a jam-packed January through May and Gemini needs to keep the fun rolling. In the quiet, things have been difficult. Too much reflection and feelings of inadequacy. I’m not saying to totally ignore those emotions but to not let them dictate your day. Buy the plane ticket. Go to the show. You deserve to feel good.


Cancer needs to lighten their workload this summer. They’ve been running themselves ragged, becoming sick due to the stress they’ve been putting on their body. It’s time to ask for what you require from the people around you and delegate tasks at home and work where necessary. Cancer, you don’t have to do it all on your own. You have a community–utilize their skills. Support is not a weakness.


Leo needs to learn how to prioritize this summer. Historically they’ve done a terrible job of keeping their lives together, delegating enough time (and the correct order of importance) for each of their responsibilities and obligations. I know summer is a time for fun, and that should certainly be had. But that fun will be even more enjoyable if Leo can get all of their ducks in a row and erase some of their tension.


Virgo needs to spend time with family over the summer. This can be biological family, found family, or whatever that word means to them. This year has brought Virgo away from themselves and has seen them struggling to put down roots and struggling to remember how they got here. Some time with the people that know them best, that love them well, is the cure they’ve been looking for.


Libra needs to stop pushing aside their issues in the name of having a good time. If something is making your life difficult, Libra, ignoring it won’t solve the issue. You have to face it and be brave and then it’ll go away. Why do you so often doubt yourself in times of stress? Libras may be haunted by their decisions but that doesn’t make them a wet blanket. This summer, name the beast and take it down.


Scorpio needs to get out more this summer. The first half of this year was difficult for them, filled with heartbreak from various sources, causing Scorpio to withdraw back into their shell, where it’s safe. But it’s difficult to grow when you put limits on where you can do it. It’s also difficult to find new happiness in the same way. Peek your head out and take a look around, Scorpio. There’s a whole world to explore.


Sagittarius needs to start asking for what they need this summer. Too often they suffer in silence, retreating to a quiet corner where they can be upset without alerting any of their loved ones. But there’s only so much strife a person can take when they don’t have an outlet for setting it down. Sagittarians are so lively that they’re bound to have a support system available–this is your sign to use it.


Capricorns need to focus on cultivating happiness in their day-to-day lives. They fulfill themselves with their career, by reading self-help books, and enriching their lives with culture, but rarely do they interrogate their happiness and spend time trying to plant it in different areas of their life. Make this the summer of you, Capricorn. Ask yourself: what makes me happy? Then pursue it with enthusiasm.


Aquarius needs to embrace who they are, this summer. Lately, Aquarians have made some big revelations about themselves and what they want from the world. Now is the time to practice self-love and integrate these revelations into their day-to-day. Aquarius, you deserve to live exactly how you are, exactly how you’ve always been. There’s no sense in waiting around to be yourself if you’ve already figured it out.


Pisces needs to start feeling proud of their accomplishments. Generally successful with the various clubs, activities, and tasks that they take on, it’s rare for Pisces to sit back after the fact and really revel in the success they’ve had. The easiest way to minimize your own achievements is to push against celebrating them. Make this the summer of honoring yourself, Pisces! You’re incredible, why not acknowledge it?