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What Every Zodiac Should Do Before Making A Big Decision


Before making a big decision, you should take some time and wait. You are super impulsive, so you don’t want to end up doing something you regret. Instead of acting in the moment, take a few days to think things over. Or at least a few hours. Then see how you feel.


Before making a big decision, ask yourself what would make you the happiest, not what would be the easiest. Since you’re hesitant to leave your comfort zone, you usually choose the path of least resistance — but what’s best for you in the short-term might not be best in the long-term. Don’t be afraid to do something risky.


Before making a big decision, write out the pros and cons of each one. Really think it through so you don’t end up changing your mind five minutes later. You’re the type of person who is terrified of having regrets, so take this slow. Don’t rush into anything. You don’t have to figure out your whole life right this moment.


Before making a big decision, talk things through with your family and friends. You value their opinion, so it make sense to hear what they have to say. Just don’t let them make the choice for you. Make sure that, at the end of the day, you are doing what you deem is best, not what will make them happy.


Before making a big decision, leave your ego behind. Don’t make a choice based on what will make you look the best to others. Instead of trying to impress them by looking like you have it all together, focus on making yourself proud. After all, you can’t please everyone else even if you try.


Before making a big decision, journal your thoughts. Write everything down, your worries and your dreams, then read it back to yourself later. That way, you will understand the full extent of what you’re feeling and can make a choice that benefits you the most.


Before making a big decision, consider every single possibility. Don’t rule out some automatically because you aren’t sure if you could handle them. Let your imagination run wild. Let yourself think through each option, no matter how unlikely, so you aren’t missing out on any opportunities.


Before making a big decision, sleep on it. Since you’re so passionate, there are moments when you feel like you know what’s best but then change your mind by morning. In order to avoid disappointment or regret, wait to make your decision. Sleep on it. See how you feel tomorrow first.


Before making a big decision, think through the consequences. You’re an optimist, so sometimes you can jump headfirst into situations without thinking them through all the way. While that can work well with minor decisions, you need to give major decisions some more thought. Think about what could go right and what could go wrong.


Before making a big decision, remember how capable you are. Remember that you have been in difficult situations before and have made it through — and you will make it through again. You will figure this out. Trust yourself. Trust your judgement and your abilities.


Before making a big decision, do your research. Don’t assume that you automatically, instinctively know what is best. There is so much information on the internet, so use it to your benefit. See what others with more experience have to say. Take their experiences and research into consideration.


Before making a big decision, ask yourself what you would do if no one around were watching. What would make you the happiest if you didn’t have to worry about being judged? What is your heart telling you? When it comes to big decisions, your gut matters as much as your head.