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What Every Zodiac Should Watch Out For This Mercury Retrograde (And What They Can Do About It)

Well friends, we are here once again—Mercury is in Retrograde!

Starting August 23rd and lasting until September 15th, Mercury will be retrograding in the sign of Virgo (which happens to be one of the signs it’s most comfortable in), meaning that communications and technology may not flow as smoothly as usual. It’s a good time to think through what you say, back up your tech, and rethink before you send that text message (especially if it’s to your ex). 

Despite the fear-mongering association with Mercury in Retrograde, there isn’t a reason to worry yourself into a panicked state. Retrogrades are meant to rethink, reassess, and rework the ways we speak, think, and approach our connections. 

Of course, with Venus Retrograde in Leo still finishing its trek until September 3rd and Mars entering Libra on August 27th, there are other planets who have a stake in the game. Yet remember that Mercury in Retrograde only lasts for approximately three weeks, so the best thing you can do is prepare and take time to reflect on unfolding events as much as you can.

Each zodiac sign will have their own experiences with this retrograde, so check your signs below (Sun and Rising!) to see what you can expect during Mercury in Retrograde. 


Your day-to-day is going to undergo some changes these next few weeks, Aries. As Mercury moves through your 6th House of Health and Routines, you’re going to feel a shift in your motivation (especially once Mars, your ruling planet, enters Libra). You may feel a lack of purpose or uncertainty of why you even do things the way you do—which, if left unchecked, will wreak havoc on your physical and mental health.

What to watch out for: A desire to be lazy and put off important, “boring” things. Struggles with staying organized or keeping up with plans. Miscommunication that throws your day-to-day off course. Oversleeping and being late. 

What you can do: Find new ways to motivate yourself, especially when it comes to taking care of your mental and physical health. Get a calendar or planner that you visually look at daily that tracks all your important dates. Set three alarms. Ask friends and family to help you stay accountable for the tasks and promises you’ve made. 


Ready for a reset in your love life, Taurus? As Mercury moves through your 5th House of Romance and Creativity, you may feel some confusion regarding your current connections or projects, artistically and romantically. You may have an idea of what should happen that won’t fully live up to your expectations—but it may be time to rethink your approach to love and passion projects.

What to watch out for: Texts or DMs from your exes. Social media memories reminding you of the past. Old memories flooding your mind, rose-colored and free of faults. Confusion surrounding passion/creative projects. Sending a flirty message to the wrong person.

What you can do: Listen, they are your ex for a reason—block their number and on your socials. Cutting ties is the easiest way to not be swept back in again. If you’re determined to reconnect with your ex, though, proceed with caution, because it’s likely very temporary (and will dissipate once Mercury stations direct again). Feel free to experiment with old projects you haven’t worked on in a while to see if some new perspective changes anything.


Your focus is homebound during this Retrograde, Gemini. As Mercury retrogrades across your 4th House of Home and Roots, you may come across some surprising new info about your childhood or family, but be careful believing things you hear right off the bat. Resentments or unfinished issues with those in your home, including verbal arguments, may make themselves more known. You may be in the process of calling somewhere new home, but settling in may have a few bumps in the process.

What to watch out for: Heated disagreements with your parents/roommates/spouse—anyone you currently live with. A desire to let the house become chaotic and messy, with no motivation to change those circumstances. Memories from your childhood resurfacing. Information you didn’t know about your childhood coming out but that might be distorted or not the whole picture. Miscommunication surrounding moving into a new home/signing a lease.

What you can do: If you’re in the process of moving, be sure to double-check any documents or leasing info to cross those T’s and dot those I’s—you can never be too careful. Have patience if any fights show up during these next few weeks with people you live with, and be mindful of what you say so you don’t have any regrets. It’s okay for your home not to be perfect at all times, but try to take care of little chores here and there. Take any life-altering info about your family or genealogy with a grain of salt, and be sure you’re getting the info from a trusted source before jumping to conclusions. 


With this retrograde will be focusing on your 3rd House of Communication and Local Community/Travel, the Mercury retrograde vibes will be very on point for you, Cancer. The words you say or the way you communicate may not come across the way you’d like, and you could experience some technology glitches, so be prepared. You may also run into some old friends you haven’t seen in a while.

What to watch out for: Tech errors with your computer, phone, or other devices. Saying the wrong thing at the worst time. Old flames and friends resurfacing and wanting to catch up. Struggling to say what you think or how you feel. 

What you can do: Back! Up! Your! Tech! Seriously though, be sure your important documents are saved, and anything else you consider important is saved on a drive or the Cloud. Plan ahead in case things go wrong—a GPS not accounting for road work, not receiving an important phone call, etc. Watch your words, and be sure to double-check any texts or emails before hitting send. If you catch up with old friends, be sure to approach them with a level-headed mentality and not assume the worst. 


This retrograde is here to remind you of your worth, Leo. Mercury will be moving through your 2nd House of Values and Material Possessions, and figuring out what is important to you may feel a little hazy right now. The desire to satisfy your restlessness by buying things will feel extra enticing during these few weeks, so keep an eye on your budget. 

What to watch out for: Overspending to compensate for insecure feelings. Inadequacy surrounding your self-image, likely kindled by a misinterpretation of what someone else said. Feeling unsatisfied and restless, and not keeping yourself in check as you search for what will finally fulfill you. 

What you can do: Watch your spending—treating yourself some is good, but it will get out of hand very quickly if you don’t pay attention. Don’t jump to conclusions or take things more personally than needed, because chances are it’s not what was intended. Remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and that you have much to be proud of right where you are. 


It’s time to focus a little on yourself, Virgo. With this retrograde showing up in your first house of Self and Identity, your self-esteem and image may feel more exposed and more vulnerable than usual. The temptation to be extra hard on yourself will be amped beyond your usual perfectionist tendencies, especially if you’re focused too much on what others are saying (or what you think they are saying).  

What to watch out for: Struggles with self-image. Feeling unsure of who you are or what you should be doing in life. Being too hard on yourself over mistakes or perceived flaws. Fears of expressing yourself. Trying to make everyone else happy and not taking yourself into account.

What you can do: Remember that your needs matter, too. It’s okay to reevaluate yourself once in a while, and not having every moment of the rest of your life planned out is okay. Be gentle with yourself and give some grace when you mess up—just own it and be accountable. Take time to think about who you want to be and make lists/plans of what you have to do to get there. 


Your social batteries may feel more drained than usual, Libra. With this retrograde showing up in your 12th house of Isolation and Subconscious, you may feel the need to log off for a bit, and that’s okay. You may feel conflicted between feeling listless and the need to take control, especially when Mars moves into your sign. Be open to possible revelations or realizations when you take the time to rest, because you never know what the world is trying to teach you. 

What to watch out for: Feeling drained and uninspired. People demanding your time and attention without respect for your boundaries. Wanting to disconnect from the world. Chaotic dreams that feel all too real. 

What you can do: Take time to recharge, even if that means turning down a few invites to hang out. Don’t allow people to walk all over you, even if you think it will keep the peace. It’s okay to say no sometimes. Write your dreams down, because they may be trying to tell you something. Take care of your mind and body, but make sure you are still keeping up with your important tasks.


There may be some drama in your social circles, Scorpio, but don’t jump to conclusions. As Mercury retrogrades through your 11th House of Friendship and Networking, your friendships (old and new) could be on the chopping block as you reassess the impact they have on you. You may also reconnect with people you haven’t seen in ages, but remember some people are lessons and not long-term.

What to watch out for: Potential drama in your friend group, especially due to something said in a group chat. The desire to ditch one friend group for another. Old friends showing back up again. Feeling like you’ve outgrown certain people. 

What you can do: If there is tension in your friend group, make sure you communicate clearly about your feelings—but be prepared that things may not be taken the way you intend. If old friends show up, it’s not a crime to want to reconnect, but be sure you aren’t neglecting other friends in the process. Reflect on your friendships and sit with which ones help you grow, make you feel supported, and seem to care about you—and which ones don’t. 


You may be feeling the pressure at work, Sagittarius, but don’t stress yourself out over it. This retrograde is showing up in your 10th House of Career and Public Image, which could lend itself to some miscommunications in the workplace, as well as the temptation to abandon your profession for something else. Remember that the retrograde is temporary, but decisions you make right now can have a much longer-lasting impact, so think before you speak. 

What to watch out for: Miscommunications in Slack or company emails. Not having the most cohesive of effective conversations with coworkers or your bosses. Issues surrounding important projects. Feeling as though your public image is being criticized or unfairly evaluated. Feeling more responsibility in your role at your current job. 

What you can do: Triple-check those emails and back up your important work files—you never know when things can take a turn. Clear up any workplace conflicts that may arise, but do so thoughtfully—even if you want to chew out your boss, it may not be the wisest time to do so. Be prepared for more recognition to come your way, but don’t psych yourself out. You deserve to be noticed for the work you put in.


Things can’t always go according to plan, Capricorn. This retrograde is moving through your 9th House of Philosophy and Travel, and old habits and beliefs may be showing up again in your memories. You could also experience hiccups in travel plans, so make sure you have an alternate plan. 

What to watch out for: Feeling restless and a little off-center. Unexpected delays or issues with travel plans. Memories of old faith systems resurfacing—even a desire to return to them to make life simpler. Feeling compelled to take courses or expand your knowledge. Feeling as though where you are currently is the wrong place for you. 

What you can do: Embrace that things won’t always go as planned, so be sure to have backup options (leave for the airport extra early, get the travel insurance, make sure your Triple A account is up to date, etc.). Your faith may be tested, but remember what your core beliefs are and hold tight to them. If old faith systems are coming to mind, sit with the reasons you left them behind—going back to something simply because it’s easier won’t be the security you’re longing for. Look into college courses or classes, but don’t make any final decisions after the retrograde has passed—you may discover something else entirely in the process. 


You’re coming to terms with the impact of the bonds you’ve made, Aquarius. This Mercury retrograde is focusing on your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources, which could bring up some confusion regarding bonds you have to others—whether legal, financial, or even intimate. These topics are often accompanied by some sensitive feelings, so don’t lose your head if things seem to be going awry. Just try your best to settle things fairly, and don’t make choices you’ll regret later.

What to watch out for: Legal documents and contracts resurfacing if you’ve been avoiding them. Revelations about your current connections. Miscommunication surrounding financial ties and other major bonds you have with others. Setting debts. Feeling vulnerable. 

What you can do: Be sure you have your finances in order. Try not to make any formal legal decision if you can avoid it, but if you can’t, make sure to look over your contracts multiple times before signing. Don’t allow your pride to keep you tethered to someone or something out of spite. Let go of things you no longer need. Don’t be afraid of intimacy or vulnerability, but realize the power they hold when you embrace them.


Your relationships will be your main focus these next few weeks, Pisces. With Mercury retrograding through your 7th House of Relationships, all your personal connections—romantic, platonic, and even business partners—are fair game. Be sure to be as clear in communicating what you want or need, but know that it may not be received the way you intend. You may also have some revelations about where these relationships are going and whether they are built to last.

What to watch out for: Miscommunications with your partner, friends, or business associates. Relationship issues coming to the surface. Reevaluating what is working and what isn’t. Old enemies showing their faces once more. Struggling to say what you want or feel. 

What you can do: Try to think through what you want to say before you say it—write it down if you have to. Be honest with yourself about the state of your relationships, and don’t try to hold onto them out of habit, nor throw them away at the first sign of trouble. If enemies resurface, remember the lessons they taught you, even if it was the hard way. Don’t dwell on the past or what could’ve been—all you can do is be the best version of yourself right now.