Russ Jani

What Is Your Next Great Adventure? (Astrology + Tarot Reading)


Your Cards: Judgement & Nine of Pentacles

The presence of the Judgement tarot card might suggest that you are being judged, Aries (duh). What I mean by this is that you might find yourself in a sort of limbo period. You’re playing a waiting game. A state of purgatory. And as of right now your fate is out of your hands. You’ve done everything you could to prepare yourself for this moment, and now the decision is being left up to someone else. Whether that someone is an educator, a new employer, a potential partner, or even the universe. It is up to them whether or not you are ready to pass. Now the thing is, whether or not you are ready to embark on whatever this next adventure is, is dependent upon the decision that is made regarding whether or not you are ready to move forward. If the answer is no, don’t see it as the end of everything. It’s just a sign that you must continue growing and learning from your past and your mistakes until you are ready to be judged again. But if the answer to this judgment is yes, then you could find yourself stepping into a role that you’ve been dreaming of for a while. This role may look different for different people but what each reader has in common is that you’ve all made a big effort to prepare for this. That effort could look like studying, working from the bottom of your company and networking up, or going to therapy. Don’t worry though, with the Nine of Pentacles present, the answer is probably yes. So put your mind at ease and allow yourself to visualize what the next step in your journey will look like because soon you will be living it.


Your Card: Eight of Cups & Two of Cups

However this next adventure may play out, one thing is for sure, you will not walk this path alone. With the Two of Cups present, this indicates a strong connection that you share with someone. And with the Eight of Cups, it seems that you two have found each other and just the right time. You are both at a point in your lives where you realize that not only do you both seek something more, but you both seek something different from what you’ve been receiving now. You two have crossed paths at the right place at the right time. There is something magical about the way two people are drawn to one another and all the external factors at play that facilitated this meeting. “Why them?” We might ask ourselves “Why were they meant to be in our lives?” This is a question that can’t be answered immediately. But know Taurus, that as a part of this next adventure you are heading towards is figuring out the mystery surrounding this question. You both have something to learn from one another that is profound and once in a lifetime. There is something that connects you both and you will gain a better understanding of who you are when you look at the and see the reflection of yourself standing right in front of you. Enjoy this adventure. There is a very good chance that this connection is fleeting so savor it. 


Your Card: Four of Pentacles & Queen of Pentacles

Your next great adventure Gemini will have a lot to do with your ability to take what limited resources you have available to you right now, and being able to turn that into gold. You are creating something meaningful but it will not be an easy feat. However, you have the universe backing you on this and rooting for you. With the Queen of Pentacles, she is a leader who is grounded in what is real and tangible yet doesn’t ignore the realities of human emotions. And with the Four of Pentacles, you have a lot at your disposal. The thing is Gemini, you’re gonna have to put your money where your mouth is to make this whole thing work. You have big plans and this could potentially grant you big payoffs, but there is no adventure without a challenge. You’ll experience beginner’s luck but don’t expect it to last the entire journey. Beginner’s luck is the universe’s way of telling us that we are doing what we are meant to be doing. However some point you’re gonna face many roadblocks, but understand that at no point will all hope be lost. Even if it feels like the ideas and plans you have are too big for reality, know that they’re not. 


Your Card: Ace of Pentacles & Three of Wands

With both the Ace of Pentacles and the Three of Wands present here, Cancer, you are the master of your destiny. You are capable of much more than you are giving yourself credit for. This next great adventure might have a lot to do with finances and material matters. Expect the unexpected as you will be moving in new directions. The best way I can describe whatever is to come for you is like this. You know how we have an idea of something that we would like to do or accomplish, but it’s just an afterthought? Almost a pipe dream that you don’t desperately wish for to happen but you certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if this dream ever actually did come true. Expect something along the lines of that if what I’m saying makes sense to you. 


Your Card: Temperance & Page of Swords

You’re getting the opportunity to right the wrongs of your past, Leo. There appears to be an issue from your past that you haven’t been able to let go of just yet. With the Page of Swords present, you’ve practiced what you would say to this person if you ever got the chance or how you might’ve gone about handling things differently. You’ve gained more of a perspective and though there is nothing you can do to change the past, you just might get a second chance. A chance like this doesn’t happen often. So are you going to put your money where your mouth is, or are you going to slip back into old habits just to end up right where you started? Whatever form this next grand adventure takes, it’s all about second chances and proving to yourself that you have grown and that you are capable of change. 


Your Card: Ten of Cups & Page of Pentacles

Right now, the situation you find yourself in is not ideal and you might be feeling incredibly overwhelmed. You might be feeling as if the ideal life you pictured yourself living simply isn’t meant for you. Though you did a lot of things right, despite your efforts, things just keep going wrong. However, though you might not realize it now, Virgo everything that is happening in your life right now is happening for a very specific reason that will make a lot of sense soon. Hindsight is twenty-twenty and you’ll be able to look back on this period of your life and smile. Why? Because the hardships you’re experiencing right now are gonna help you appreciate what you can expect to achieve soon. It’s hard to go into specifics since this can mean something different for everyone reading this, but you can expect positive change/growth in the same areas that you feel most debilitated in. So where does the adventure come in? The universe is breadcrumbing you right now. This wasn’t supposed to be easy. Look for the signs, Virgo. Look up to the stars and they’ll point you north. Trust the synchronicities, you’re not crazy, they do mean something. In this next great adventure, you’ll start to realize that everything is connected and nothing happens by accident, but the challenge is in how you interpret everything. I think you’ll enjoy what’s to come. There is a touch of magic here. You’ll see.


Your Card: The Star & Ten of Swords

You’re in for an adventure, that’s for sure Libra. Let’s start with the bad news. With the Ten of Swords present, this might be one of the most challenging chapters of your entire life. There is no other way to put it lightly, it’s gonna be really fucking hard and it’s really going to break you down. It’ll break you to the point where you’re not sure if you can keep going. At times you’ll question whether you’ll ever figure it out and be happy and fulfilled again. Okay. Now for the good news. This next chapter will also be as rewarding and exciting and euphoric as it is painful. The highs equal out the lows. There is a sort of balance at play to this energy you’ll be experiencing soon. Though you’ll fall at times, in those moments you’ll still find a way to hold on to hope. Once this adventure passes, the good and the bad of it all, you’ll be changed forever. After it happens, virtually nothing will faze you ever again because you’ve proven to yourself that you are capable of withstanding any level of pressure. 


Your Card: Queen of Pentacles & Ace of Cups

Sometimes it’s scary to let go of the things that we love. Even though the things that we love are toxic and are destroying us from the inside out. It’s hard to decipher whether we should give the situation time to work itself out or just move on. We fear that by not waiting for things to smooth over by itself, then we’ll spend the rest of our lives wondering “What if?” “What if I gave him another chance?” “What if I quit the job I hate even though the money is better?” In this next great adventure of yours, Scorpio, these sort’ve questions will come up. A big theme you will be dealing with is whether or not you made the right decision. Will you regret the path that you are walking down? You are on a quest to become the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming, but are the choices you’ve made going to get you there? I don’t have that answer necessarily, but what I can tell you is that when you choose what is authentic to you and self-respect over anything else, the outcome will always be better. So stop wondering if things will work out how you hope they will. Stop wondering if you’ll end up happy or if maybe you were better off before (even though you know deep down you weren’t better off). If you are choosing self-respect, then you’re gonna be just alright. That’s what this adventure has to do about. Coming across many forks in the road. Getting caught between what is right and what is tempting you. Though the tests you will be faced with seem daunting at first like there is no right answer, know that you’re overcomplicating things. Here’s the cheat sheet for you. The right answer is always self-respect. That’s it. 


Your Card: The Hierophant & Page of Cups

In this next adventure, Sagittarius, you will be coming to terms with what you were meant to do in this life. For most of your life, you had an idea of the path you wanted to take but the second you found yourself committing to one thing, you found your concentration drifting a bit. As if the idea of a different life now seemed more appealing. You’re the jack of all trades, but the master of none, Sag. And with The Hierophant and Page of Cups, you’re starting to realize what it is you were truly meant to do. The reason why it took you so long to figure it out in the first place, was because you thought you had to choose one thing. But you will find in this adventure that all your skills will be put to the test. Everything you’ve learned, every skill you’ve acquired, has been preparing you for this. 


Your Card: Two of Wands & King of Swords

What’s funny, Capricorn is that you feel like you’re right at the beginning of something when really you’re just smack dab in the middle of it. Right now, you have a clear picture of what the future holds in your mind. And as things progress, this future feels more and more like reality. You know exactly what you’re doing, where you’re going, and how you’re going to handle things moving forward. The thing is though, life is going to have other plans for you, Capricorn. I guess the best way to describe this adventure that awaits is this. You’ll be shocked, but not surprised. Take this how you will. This adventure may have something to do with decisions you’ve already made. Meaning, that if you say no to something, the universe is going to make you want to say yes later. You might find yourself thinking otherwise about the journey forward. You’ll be more surprised by what you decide to do rather than what life throws at you. 


Your Card: Seven of Swords & Nine of Pentacles

Don’t get too obsessed Aquarius. You’re so used to getting a lot of the things that you want in life, but you’re not meant to have it all. This doesn’t mean your next adventure is going to be bad, this just means you’re going to have to learn how to lose. Don’t be scared. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Just know that you can’t talk yourself out of everything and for once you’re going to have to learn how to move within the confines of a certain space. Meaning, you’re gonna have to follow some rules. They’re set for a reason. You’ll only set yourself back by trying to find the easy way out. This may be more in regards to your love life or personal relationships. As if you want your cake and to eat it too. But that’s not in the cards for you, Aquarius. 


Your Card: Knight of Cups & Six of Wands

Pisces, this next great adventure will be steamy. That’s for sure. The Knight of Cups is connected to your card and combines the elements of fire and water. The Knight of Cups is a romantic who loves the idea of love and isn’t afraid to be a bit cheeky about it. With the Six of Wands here, it seems like you’ll be getting a lot of attention from those around you. It seems like you’re getting over some sort of heartbreak or disappointment. An emotional letdown of some sort. Now, in this next great adventure, you’re back and better than ever. You’ve healed, done the shadow work, and now you’re able to enjoy your own company which in turn will only make you more magnetic to those around you. Enjoy this time and attention. But be careful not to rush into anything the second a shiny new opportunity presents itself. For this adventure, you’ll really want to hone in on yourself. Don’t make this chapter about anyone else except you.