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What Keeps Each Zodiac Up At Night


Their to-do list.

Not only is it never-ending, but nearly impossible for Aries to stop thinking about. Every unfinished task weighs on them even in times of supposed rest, reminding them that there’s always something else to accomplish. Aries, try to separate your obligations from the rest of your life. You don’t need to keep carrying them with you.


Their budget.

“More” is one of Taurus’ favorite words. More love, more treats, more joy. Unfortunately, “more” often translates to spending “more” money. Though Taurus is good at balancing their metaphorical checkbook and not spending too much over their budget, it can definitely be a source of stress and unease.


How they could’ve handled certain conversations better.

Geminis may be quick thinkers, but they don’t always make their best decisions, or choose the best words, in those quick situations. Cursed with a memory for only the worst moments of their lives, it’s typical for Geminis to obsess over the things they should or should not have said in the heat of the moment.


Past relationships.

You knew it was coming but, Cancer, sometimes you act a lot like your stereotypes. Love has always been a big part of your life and that’s where your mind naturally wanders when idle. Regardless of your feelings about your ex-partners, you can’t help but rethink everything your affection stood for. How it made you the person you are today.


The what-ifs.

You can’t just make a decision and then move on, Leo. You have to wonder where each diverging path would’ve taken you, how life might’ve been entirely different if you’d said something else that night, or settled down in a city on the opposite coast. Even when Leos are happy, it’s instinct for them to mentally trace and retrace their steps until they know it by heart.


The book/tv show/video game they’re currently obsessed with.

Virgos go through phases with their interests, and each phase overtakes them. They don’t know how to be casually invested in life–they go all in. So much so that even in times of designated rest, they find themselves going over their obsessions again, reveling in the joy.


The future.

There is nothing scarier than something that hasn’t happened yet–any Libra will tell you that. Forget minor decisions, the future is one big choice that we have to keep making again and again. Libras, desperate to find a place where they can finally relax and be at peace, will stay awake late into the night plotting and replotting their life plan until it’s “perfect.”


Wondering how their loved ones view them.

Scorpios aren’t the most perceptive of the Zodiac. Though they try, reading people’s faces and being able to identify how they’re feeling isn’t a skill of theirs. Because of this, Scorpios often feel insecure about their relationships and tend to over-analyze their interactions in private, hoping to find definitive proof of love and loyalty. 


Wondering whether they’ve made the right choices.

If there’s one sign that likes to act first and then think about it later, it’s Sagittarius. Oftentimes they’re gifted with making the right choice, but not always. And regardless of the outcome, Sagittariuses can’t help but wonder if another route would’ve made them more content in the long run. The uncertainty is haunting.



Capricorns can overthink absolutely anything, and they do! What they overthink on any given night is highly dependent on whatever they were forced to confront throughout their day. Work, relationships, the self–there are endless opportunities for Capricorn to stare at the ceiling all night with thoughts racing through their heads.


The world’s problems.

There are so many things to be concerned about in our social, environmental, and political climates, and Aquariuses have trouble setting aside those concerns even to sleep. Their minds are a constant reel of all that needs to be changed, and this weighs heavily on them. Remember, Aquarius, you are the best activist when you’ve had some rest.



Though they don’t always show it, Pisceans have a great memory for regrets. They can recall exactly how it felt to hurt someone, or to be hurt, and on the nights when sleep feels far away they can’t help but poke at those emotional bruises to see if they still ache. Pisces, they do, and you’re only prolonging your healing by fixating on it.