What Makes Each Zodiac Unforgettable, According To A Tarot Reader


Your card: 10 of Wands

People are drawn to how strong you are. You can handle so much without buckling or breaking that you often seem like a literal superhero. You can handle almost anything. Those in your life feel inspired to be stronger because you’ve shown them it’s possible.


Your card: King of Pentacles

People are drawn to how determined you are. When you want something, you aren’t afraid to take the steps to get there. You’re especially impressive to those who struggle with procrastination. You’re always moving forward, even if it’s bit by bit.


Your card: 3 of Pentacles

People are drawn to how magnetic you can be in groups. The more people you’re surrounding yourself with, the more you light up the room. Everyone in your orbit feels special and seen–which is a natural social talent that few possess.


Your card: 7 of Pentacles

People are drawn to your capacity for hope. No matter what’s happening in life, you still have at least one eye out for how much better things could be in the future. That positive long-term view is attractive to those who sometimes get lost in pessimism.


Your card: 9 of Swords

People are drawn to how you handle things when life gets tough. You’re often plagued by worry, but it’s what you do with that anxiety or grief that makes you stand out to others. The more you work on yourself, the more people notice and commend you for it.


Your card: Page of Pentacles

People are drawn to how effectual you are. When you want something, you’re royalty when it comes to figuring out exactly how to get it. If anyone ever wants to be inspired by greatness, they can just watch how you regularly achieve your goals.


Your card: Ace of Cups

People are drawn to how romantic you are. You’re great at dating and are a good example of how to go for the people you want. Best of all, you’re happy to set up your friends if they’re struggling in the dating world. You’re always down to spread the love.


Your card: The Hierophant

People are drawn to how reliable you can be. If someone gives you their trust, you’re ready to be their ride-or-die. As soon as someone becomes that for you, you’ll include them in your life from now until eternity.


Your card: Ace of Swords

People are drawn to your resilience. It seems like, no matter what obstacles come up, you’re always great at busting through. Nothing can stop you.


Your card: Knight of Wands

People are drawn to your fearless confidence. You’re not the type to shrink away when things get tough or when people are watching you. The only way you know to live life is to do the things you need to do in order to move forward, a trait that few have mastered.


Your card: 9 of Pentacles

People admire how independent you are. You can do so much on your own that most people usually need help with. Your self-sufficiency is legendary and shows others that they can be independent, too.


Your card: 7 of Swords

People admire how strategic you can be. Whether it’s at work or in social situations, you’re rarely doing anything without thinking about it first. Luckily, you’re usually using your strategic powers for good, and not evil.