Jakob Wandel

What You Don’t Realize Others Love About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You’re the motivational speaker, Aries. The one who shares your experience with the world, and encourages others to build more autonomous and fulfilling lives, but what you don’t realize people love about you is your realism. Sure, you can preach the sermon of the highest highs and the milestones and the personal transformations, but you’re not afraid to acknowledge the days that absolutely sucked, or how many of them you dragged yourself out of bed on before things slowly started to improve. You’re not a drawstring doll repeating a few pre-programmed platitudes on positivity that are entirely lacking substance or basis in a lived reality. You sprinkle in the perfect amount of negativity that allows people to really connect with and believe in what you’re saying. We’re all dealt a hand of cards in life. You’re not trying to convince everyone they have a royal flush when they know better, you simply share the strategy you’ve picked up along the way. The goal is simply to try to have more wins than losses. 


You catch some flack from people who are jealous of your lifestyle, Taurus. The people who watch you from a distance, admiring posts of your vacations, your clothes, your home, and assume you have it all. They spin it as excessive, but what they really envy is your decisiveness. You know what you want, and you believe that you deserve it enough to go out and take the actions that bring these things into your life. The people who count in your life, the ones who really know you on a personal level, love this about you. There’s no wondering where you stand or what you want, even when it comes to something as small as what to eat for dinner. You know yourself so well from the inside out, that it makes it so much easier for people to get you know you in return. You can effectively communicate because you’ve done the soul-searching required to grow into a confident, stable version of yourself. More than one person in your life has taken a page out of your book without you even realizing it.


Your neuroticism and type-A personality often hog the spotlight, Gemini, so people can make the mistake of assuming you’re a rule follower and somewhat of a square, but once they get to know you better, they start to see what a risk taker you really are. You don’t realize that people see your highs and lows, not as emotional volatility, but as an openness to living fully and embracing all of the emotions on life’s spectrum. You’re not afraid to bite off more than you can chew and deal with the aftermath no matter how messy it gets. You’re so smart, you never go into anything not understanding all of the potential outcomes. You’re just strong enough and trust yourself enough to go for it and handle whatever happens. It takes so much more than a breakup or a disappointment to crush that spirit of yours. You look at the world and always see the potential for new and deeper happiness. You know good things don’t always get sorted out on the first try. 


Everyone knows you’re a good judge of character, Cancer, and only give your trust to those who are truly deserving. People want your approval when it comes to dating someone new or making a big life decision. You’re everyone’s favorite sounding board because you’ve got such a good head on your shoulders. But what you don’t realize people love about you, is how you make them feel about themselves. You see the good in people they don’t even know is in themselves. You see their hearts, their minds, and their dreams – all those pesky little things we all keep hidden that sometimes come into conflict with each other. You make people feel seen, understood and accepted. It elevates their self-esteem to know they met your criteria for a friendship or relationship, and to be deserving of affection from someone as solid and trustworthy as you. You’re like the Michelin star of friends, once people know they have you, they will fight like hell to keep you in their lives.


You’re in high demand, Leo. Everyone either wants to get to know you or wants to get penciled into your calendar before it fills up. The extroverted side of you loves attention, and you really never need to lift a finger to keep from being bored, but what you don’t realize people love about you is the effort you do put into all of your relationships. Everyone knows how sought out you are, so when you’re the one who picks up the phone and reaches out, it makes people feel like a real priority. They know that the quantity of acquaintances you constantly make doesn’t take away from the quality of your friendship, and it means the world to them. You’re someone people see as the embodiment of being genuine, and someone they can always count on to be there for them. No matter how long it’s been, people always feel like they just saw you last week. The way you remember small details and always express interest in their lives fosters feelings of closeness that last a lifetime.


Your mouth gets you into trouble, Virgo. No matter how accurate your opinions or content are, your delivery often crosses the line of social acceptability. But what you don’t realize is that there is a certain subset of people who live for your criticism. Maybe they’re just masochists, or maybe they’re in a phase of their lives where they are desperately searching for answers or encouragement, but whatever the motivation is, your brand of tough love is a breath of fresh air to them. They are flattered that anyone would pay enough attention to them, care enough about them, to put them under a microscope and nitpick their flaws. Unlike so many others, these people understand your true intentions. The things you’re calling out aren’t an attack on all the areas where they’re lacking, it’s a declaration of the room you see for improvement, an inner potential you are challenging them to embody. They love you for believing in them, for making them believe in themselves, and feel extreme loyalty to you as a result. 


It’s impossible to describe you without using the word “balance”, Libra. You are always capable of seeing both sides of any argument, which makes you a master mediator in conflict. This can sometimes lead to you unfairly being labeled a cop-out centrist or being accused of playing both sides for your own benefit, but the people who really know you love you know your intentions are always as far from manipulation as possible. Just because you don’t shout your beliefs from the rooftop, doesn’t mean you don’t have convictions of your own. You’d never be caught dead virtue-signaling or capitalizing off of highly charged topics. You lead by example. Your actions speak far louder than your words on the topics that matter most to you. You get involved in your community and are an ally to others. You see the things that are truly important as something so much bigger than a retweet or a repost. You can always be counted upon to get your hands dirty and get to work, not just standing around and complaining.


I know you’re tired of being labeled “the sexual one”, Scorpio; I really get it. It conjures cheap images of cheesy lingerie and riding crops, Netflix shows where people put a chaise lounge in what used to be their office and call it a “sex room”, and while you’d never knock what other people are into, those are just stereotypes and can’t even approximate your true personality. You’ve earned that label through no fault of your own, but by those who have failed to do you justice in describing your magnetic physical presence. You are so comfortable in your own skin, that you make everyone comfortable in your presence. The way you connect with people is so tangible, so unmistakable, it becomes somewhat of a novelty. Something as simple as a hug from you carries so much more weight and meaning because people aren’t used to physical connection with as much intention as you bring to the table. You don’t even need to touch the other person, anyone who’s held eye contact with a Scorpio knows how intense it can be just to be seen by you. 


When people describe your sign, Sagittarius, you’re often put on a pedestal alongside the likes of Anthony Bourdain, but your day-to-day life is a far cry from an adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days. It’s a lot of hype and pressure to live up to, but what the people closest to you love most about you isn’t some arbitrary evaluation of how cultured or experienced you are, it’s how open-minded you are, how you never let your past limit you. Your optimism comes from the part of you that is young at heart, that always feels your best days are still ahead of you. It’s never too late to travel to the countries you’ve imagined in your mind after consuming countless books and movies or pick up the hobby you wished you had as a kid. It’s never too late to fall in love, to land your dream job, to make that big break, even if it’s just in the community center musical. You feed your soul both with what’s accessible and aspirational, and there’s always more than enough to share with others.


You are so busy, Capricorn, you’re never caught cutting corners or slacking off. Every moment of your day is dedicated to some bigger picture and purpose, and at times people can be intimidated to ask for your attention, but those who know you best love how you always make time for the people and things you care about. You know how to focus on your goals and your dreams without completely blocking out the other areas of your life, your friendships, your hobbies, and your passions. You know how to balance your schedule in a way that allows you to complete all of the tasks on your various checklists, to leave no area of your life unattended. Your work gets done, your dry cleaning gets picked up, your pets get fed, and so does your mind, body, and soul. You take such responsibility for your own well-being it fuels the energy you need to show up at your best for everyone else. You do the work, but never forget to make time to reap the benefits. 


As the most progressive sign of the zodiac, you are often ahead of the curve in every area of your life. You’re already read up on trending news stories by the time they become small talk topics for the masses. You fall into the bell curve of “early adopters” when it comes to innovation, but what people love most about you is that you aren’t a trend follower. You don’t make changes just to have the newest items, viewpoints, or habits, everything you do is meant to improve your life and those of the people around you. You reject the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” maxim, knowing that something doesn’t need to be broken to be improved upon, and you know that change without improvement is unnecessary to change, simply a bandwagon to hop on until the next comes along. The people around you love your commitment to purpose, function, and shared benefit. You never chose the path that allows you to prosper at someone else’s expense. 


You get a bad rap for your daydreaming, Pisces, like you can’t take anything seriously. What you don’t realize people love about you is that you have a crystal clear distinction between your dreams and your lived reality. The time you spend in a mental world of your own creation is by choice, not naivety. You’re not one to be hoodwinked or swindled by a fairy tale, but that doesn’t mean fairy tales don’t have a value or purpose of their own. A hidden truth that needs to be reached through consideration and analysis. Hard facts have never been enough to hold our interest and teach us what we most want to know about ourselves and the human experience. Fiction has a function all its own. Just because you lean towards the latter doesn’t mean you can’t tell the difference between the two. You love all things that fall into that space, the “in-between”. You feel that is where the most meaning lies, in the things we do not say or spell out with words. The meaning we have to uncover and bestow on things through our own mental gymnastics.