What Your Zodiac Says About How Hard You Love

What Your Zodiac Says About How Hard You Love


You love fearlessly. You aren’t scared of rejection. You’ll be the first one to admit how you feel because you would rather live with no regrets. You don’t want to sit around wondering what would have happened if you spoke up. You would rather see for yourself.


You love quietly. It takes you a long time to express your feelings because you’re hesitant about change. You don’t want to rush into a relationship that turns out to be a mistake. You want to become friends first and gradually get to know each other. Once you become more comfortable, your love will grow louder.


You love in bursts. You become fixated on certain things and then lose interest. It’s the same with romance. You will shower someone with compliments and attention – and then you will randomly stop. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ve stopped loving them. Sometimes, you need a break to focus on other aspects of your life.


You love fiercely. When you care about someone, you would do anything to protect them. You would guard their life with yours. If anything goes wrong, you will step in to help. You’re a fixer who cannot stand to see anyone in pain, especially the person you consider yours.


You love loudly. When you find your person, you won’t shut up about them. You’ll post a million pictures of them. You’ll make sure everyone knows what a wonderful human you’ve discovered.


You love subtly. You give affection in small, practical ways. By doing the laundry. Offering to drive. Baking cookies and mowing the lawn. You show your love through your actions more than your words.


You love passionately. You hold hands in public and plant kisses all over their face. You pen long love letters about your feelings and post statuses about how overjoyed you are to be dating them. Your love bursts out of you and you’re unable to hold it back.


You love intensely. Sometimes, you’re the one who cares more because you put all your effort into relationships. You never leave your person hanging. You’re there for them, no matter what, even if it’s inconvenient for you.


You love spontaneously. You don’t want to read too much into your feelings. You simply want to feel them. You want to enjoy the time you have with this person without worrying about what comes next. You live in the moment. You enjoy the present while it lasts.


You love hard. You don’t like many people, so when you find someone who speaks to your soul, you’re all in. You commit to them. You stay loyal to them. You don’t want anyone other than them. They are your person and nothing can change your mind.


You love artistically. You’ll compose songs, write poetry, and craft sentimental presents for your person. You’ll use them as your muse. They’ll inspire you to create new art, which proves how deep your emotions run for them.


You love obsessively. You’re so interested in the idea of love that it can make you lose all common sense. When you fall for someone, they’re the only thing on your mind. The only thing that matters. You drop everything else in order to put all of your focus onto them.