Whatever You Do, Never Beg A Man For The Bare Minimum

If there’s one thing you should never do, it is beg a man for the bare minimum.

Because the bare minimum is just that: the absolute least. The bare minimum is literally the minimal amount of energy required to keep a relationship afloat. It is basic maintenance.

You don’t want to just maintain a relationship. You want your relationship to flourish. Bloom. Blossom. You want to be with someone you can grow alongside. And in order for a relationship to do those things, you need to invest in it. The bare minimum will never be enough to accomplish that.

A man who only gives you the bare minimum is the equivalent of only filling up your car’s gas tank a quarter of the way full. It’ll keep you going, but not for very long.

The bare minimum includes respect, affection, attention, care, kindness, time, and effort. These are the things you should always expect from your partner. A man worth your time will not make you beg for what you deserve. He will give you those things without hesitation, and then some.

If a man is not willingly giving you the basics, it is not because he needs more time or direction in order to do so. He does not need to “figure himself out.” It is simply because he does not want to. Because if he wanted to treat you right, he would.

When you beg a man for the bare minimum, you disrespect yourself. Because in acting like what you are asking for is a lot, he will treat it that way and consider his breadcrumbs to be enough. He won’t do more because he hasn’t needed to do so. And why not? Because you’re still there. Because you’re still begging. Because you’re showing him that you will give him chance after chance despite him giving you next to nothing.

You deserve more than a man who acts like answering your texts is a chore. You deserve more than a man who thinks inviting you over to his messy apartment and smoking joints on his bed to be a date. You deserve more than a man who has everything on his terms. You deserve more than a man who does everything based on what he considers to be most convenient for him.

But mostly, you deserve more than a man who makes you beg for the bare minimum and still doesn’t give it to you.

You deserve a man who plans outings he knows you’d enjoy and that will bring you both closer together. You deserve a man who remembers the little things. You deserve a man who not only memorizes your history but understands it. You deserve a man who encourages you to do better because he wants better for you.

The bare minimum is not impressive. And it is not enough. Stop begging for it. Want more for yourself than that.