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Which Genre Of Music You Embody, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Hip-Hop/Rap

Aries may come off a bit aggressive at first but in reality, that’s just their bold, independent, spunky personality. The genre of hip-hop and rap is filled with a unique variety of artists that all promote different messages and take risks with the beats they compose. Just like this type of music, Aries are not afraid to go out on a limb if they’re passionate about something and always stay true to themselves.

Taurus: Country

A Taurus is someone you can count on. They’re loyal to who they love, dependable, and down-to earth. Most songs may sound the same, which is due to the inflexible nature of Country music, similar to a Taurus. However, Country music has existed for years, it’s dependable. And you can always rely on it if you’re looking for a sweet-talking country accent and airy melody to carry you through your next breakup.

Gemini: Alternative

Alternative is that genre that no one can really explain. It’s for the creative, in-betweens that have profound lyrics and diverse beats. Similar to Geminis, it’s unpredictable yet extremely playful and easy to be drawn to.

Cancer: Jazz/Blues

A cancer is someone who thinks deeply and can be secretive while also craving attention. They love taking care of those around them and supporting their loved ones when they need help. In a similar sense, the genre of jazz and Blues is complex. It can be dark but it can be loving but it can be lively; it’s almost like everything wrapped into one. Just like a Taurus, it’s not easy to figure out, but it’s worth the wait, so stop and listen.

Leo: Pop

Leos are extremely outgoing and friendly, but they love to be the center of attention. Pop music is closely related to this description. It invites in a lot of listeners, but it rules the radio for the most part which is why it’s full name is “Popular Music”. But hey, pop music is fun to jam to and Leos are always a fun time!

Virgo: Hard Rock

Virgo’s tend to get wrapped up in their own thoughts as they are very intelligent. However, their smarts can make them come off a little pretentious or judgmental as they tend to over-analyze themselves and others. Hard Rock is quite similar as it comes off very abrasive but beneath lies a good message in the lyrics and intense emotion.

Libra: Reggae

Libras tend to be the most level-headed of the bunch. Extremely balanced and sociable, they are easy to get along with and give good advice when things get tough. In a similar way, Reggae normally puts profoundly stunning lyrics in line with a relaxed beat. Due to its chill nature, most people enjoy it; it can tie people together and lift them up when they’re down, just like a Libra.

Scorpio: Rock N’ Roll

Scorpio’s scream Oldies Rock N’ Roll like no other. Both this genre of music and the personality of a Scorpio embody the intense attitude of a badass but remain irresistible at the same time!

Sagittarius: Musical Theater

A Sagittarius can always see the bright side and use their positive attitude to brighten a room. They are hilarious and very extroverted, getting their energy from the people around them. Musical Theater music is very similar as the majority of these albums end with a positive uplift. Not to mention, in theater, you are performing for your audience and absorbing the energy that they bring to each show, similar to a Sagittarius’ extroverted personality.

Capricorn: Classical

Classical music puts the class in classy, similar to a Capricorn’s elegant personality. Capricorns and this genre of music are methodical, planning their next beat in order to live in perfect harmony. While they are serious on the exterior, Capricorns are devoted to the people they love as Classical music is devoted to moving their audience with each new masterpiece.

Aquarius: EDM

An Aquarius has a one-of-a-kind personality while remaining open-minded to new things as they go through life. With its various sub-genres, EDM is very unique and always switching up the pace of the music, open to new ideas. They are both a little rebellious and incredibly imaginative.

Pisces: Singer/Songwriter

A Pisces is known to be a little over-sensitive and moody. They have many emotions and think very deeply before making decisions. However, these deep thoughts lead them to being extremely artistic, romantic, and original. Singer/songwriter music has a reputation to be very delicate and profound as its lyrics can normally be read like poetry. This sign and genre are very similar in those ways as Singer/songwriter music may seem driven by emotions but this drives it to be very whimsical and can be insightful if you open your ears to it.