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Which Indoor Plant You Should Buy, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Cactus

Aries, a cactus is the perfect plant for you. It’s resilient, low-maintenance, and can thrive on minimal care – all necessary for a plant that will thrive regardless of your busy lifestyle. Plus, its bold and spiky appearance matches your strong personality. If you’re looking for a specific kind of cactus to start with, Zebra cacti are cool and spunky (like yourself), and these little plants are basically impossible to kill.

Taurus: Snake Plant

Taurus, you appreciate beauty and durability, making the snake plant an ideal choice. Not only does it have a striking appearance, but it’s also incredibly resilient and can thrive in a variety of environments, much like your adaptable yet steady nature.

Gemini: Spider Plant

Gemini, your sign pairs well with a spider plant. You’re a lively, versatile person – and this plant is just as adaptable as you are. It’s also incredibly easy to care for, making it a plant that will survive despite your busy schedule. Plus, it grows small offshoots can be shared with all your friends – finally, a plant that’s just as sociable as you are.

Cancer: Peace Lily

Cancer, you have a naturally soothing presence, making a peace lily a great match for you. This plant is known for its ability to purify the air and its graceful, calming appearance – reflecting your caring and comforting nature. These hardy plants are as beautiful as they are practical, and will appreciate the time you’re likely to spend caring for them.

Leo: Rubber Plant

Leo, the rubber plant, with its bold and dramatic appearance, suits your regality. It makes a statement in any room – much like your natural ability to capture everyone’s attention. Plus, it’s a hardy plant that can withstand varying conditions, much like your resilient self.

Virgo: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Virgo, the fiddle leaf fig needs precise care and attention! This makes it the ideal plant for your sign, as you’re sure to be able to handle all of its needs. It may be a plant that requires a bit of dedication, but its striking appearance is more than worth the effort.

Libra: Monstera

Libra, your sense of style and balance finds its match in the trendy monstera. Its gorgeous, unique leaves reflect your love for harmony and aesthetics, making it a perfect addition to your well-decorated living space. Plus, monsteras are surprisingly easy to care for and will thrive in many conditions.

Scorpio: Aloe Vera

Scorpio, the aloe vera plant is known for its healing and regenerative properties. This plant is likely to resonate with your transformative nature. It’s a practical plant that also has a mysteriously healing edge, much like your enigmatic personality.

Sagittarius: Pothos

Sagittarius, a pothos plant is ideal for you. It’s a hardy and adventurous plant (like you!) that can grow in various conditions and can be easily transported, which is perfect for the sign that’s always out exploring. If you ever wanted to add a companion plant to your life, pothos plants probably wouldn’t mind coming on a road trip with you. 

Capricorn: ZZ Plant

Capricorn, the ZZ plant is the best plant for your sign. It thrives on minimal care, which is great for the days where you’re too busy working to check in on your plant collection. Plus, like you, the plant is an independent soul. Its polished, sturdy appearance resonates with your professional demeanor – and yes, this plant will even look good in the office. r

Aquarius: Air Plant

Aquarius, the unique and quirky air plant is just right for you. It’s unconventional, easy to care for, and doesn’t require soil to grow – perfect for your innovative and non-traditional spirit. Plus, you can come up with endless creative ways to display the plant around your home, easily adding to your love of self-expression. 

Pisces: Fern

Pisces, with your sensitive and artistic nature, a fern would be a lovely plant to add to your home. Ferns require a bit of attention and will flourish in a calm environment, much like your empathetic and introspective personality. Their delicate and intricate fronds will complement your creative and dreamy world – plus, you’re primed to give this plant all the care it could possibly need.