Why Each Zodiac Settles For The Bare Minimum

If you’re currently settling for someone who doesn’t deserve you and have been wondering why you keep putting up with them, this is the reason why (based on your zodiac sign):


Because you’ve been tricked into believing that you aren’t a catch. That you should take what you can get. That it would be impossible to find anything better, even if you looked.


Because you are comfortable. You don’t want to go back out in the dating world. You don’t want to find someone else. Where you are right now is tolerable, so it feels easier to keep things the same than to risk making a change.


Because you don’t want to be greedy. You don’t want your expectations to be unrealistically high. You’re so scared of asking for more that you settle for whatever you are given.


Because you’ve grown attached to the wrong person. You don’t want to hurt them and you don’t want to live without them. You’re so used to this existence that you can’t imagine what it would be like to make a change.


Because you want to rush to the next milestone. You’re more concerned with having a partner (and maybe a house or a baby) that you don’t really care about who you’ve chosen. You just want to cross the next item off your list.


Because you feel like the good outweighs the bad. On paper, the arrangement makes sense. It isn’t that bad. When you’re thinking with your head instead of your heart, settling is your best option.


Because you don’t want to cause any hurt feelings. You don’t want to break a heart. You are happy enough, so you feel like staying is the answer.


Because you spent such a long time single that you’re relieved you’ve found anyone at all. You’ve gotten beaten down by the dating world and you don’t want to go back out there. You want to enjoy what little you have.


Because you feel pressured to settle down. You feel like you’re falling behind and need to pick someone already. You feel like you don’t have enough time to find someone better so you’ll settle for whatever you’ve got.


Because you are a realist. You feel like the relationships you see in TV and movies aren’t based on real life. You feel like what you have is what most people have, and you don’t want to get your hopes up too high for someone who doesn’t exist.


Because you don’t realize you deserve better. You feel like this is a good situation, considering who you are as a person. You’re punishing yourself and self-sabotaging because you haven’t learned to love yourself yet.


Because you’re a people pleaser. You don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by asking for more. You want to be nice. You want to be polite. So you don’t speak up when something needs changing.