Alina Matveycheva

Your Horoscope For Today, June 20th, 2024

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Aries, Mars is in Taurus at the 7th degree today. You may feel less impulsive than usual today and rethink decisions you’ve made recently. Though this could be a short period of indecisiveness and overthinking for your sign, you may also be able to take this transition period as an opportunity to reevaluate your daily routine, implementing structures that work for you.


Taurus, your ruling planet, Venus, has recently entered Cancer. It’s at the 3rd degree today, so you may feel more sensitive or intuitive than usual. Your sign tends to be comforted by routine, so if you notice emotional instability is making you feel unbalanced today, it may be a good time to return to comforting spiritual practices or rituals that can help ease your nerves


Gemini, your period of emotional flux is coming to an end soon. You may feel a little combative today, with both Jupiter and the Sun still dominating your sign. However, you may also see today as a new chapter filled with future opportunities for you. As Jupiter strengthens your sign today, you may receive a little extra luck.


Venus is at the 3rd degree in your sign today with Mercury at the 5th degree. You may have old friends or loved ones reach out to you, and you may notice past connections attempting to contact you. These occurrences may be more likely to happen via technology, so keep an eye out for connections on social media or texts from seemingly random numbers.


The Sun is at the 29th degree in Gemini today, so you may feel a bit of social or professional pressure today. This could come in the form of accountability – others wanting to hold you to the goals you told them you’d achieve – or from your own perspective. You may perceive yourself to be falling short of expectations others are setting for you. Try to avoid reacting combatively today, Leo; your own self-perception can still be fallible, and others may not be as critical of you as you might think.


Virgo, with your ruling planet at the 5th degree in Cancer today, you may notice others reacting sensitively to feedback you provide. However, you may also notice a heightened addition to your communication in the form of communicative empathy, which may be able to soften the blow of any negative feedback you’ll need to dole out today.


Libra, your ruling planet is at the 3rd degree in Cancer today. This could mark an exciting period of harmonization and emotional growth for your sign. If things have been feeling unbalanced for you lately, prepare for these issues to resolve today. Look out for guidance that can help you forge through any communication issues or lingering conflicts from the past few weeks.


Scorpio, Mars is at the 7th degree in Taurus today. You’re likely to feel balanced and sure of yourself. You’ll be especially grounded today, particularly when it comes to your sense of self. You may feel a slight imbalance with your subconscious; noting and analyzing your dreams may help you rectify this.


The Moon is at the fourth degree in your sign today, Sagittarius, which is likely to bring you many blessings. Your sign is ready to engage in spiritual or meditative practices and may find the urge to be in nature even more appealing than usual. If you’re able to, going for a hike, nature walk, or even a camping overnight will be especially beneficial for your sign, providing you with the opportunity for reflection and emotional healing.


Saturn is still at the 19th degree in Pisces today, Capricorn. You’re likely to have settled into a slightly more emotional, intuitive state than you may usually be in. Your sign may be especially vulnerable to emotional conflict during this period, though you can take steps to rectify this by meditating, journaling, and stepping away from tense situations to calm down whenever possible, allowing your logical side to regain control.


With Uranus at the 25th degree in Taurus and Pluto sticking by the 1st degree in your sign, today is bound to be a day full of creativity for you, Aquarius. You may also feel unusually protective of your loved ones or emotional over your relationships, especially romantic ones. If you find yourself seeking reassurance today, try to determine the root cause of this behavior; your subconscious may be trying to alert you to unresolved anxieties that your logical brain doesn’t always like to process.


With Saturn at the 19th degree and Neptune at the 29th degree in your sign, today is likely to be a day of emotional reflection and attempting to regain control of your professional life. You may feel especially productive, fixing any issues that have slipped through the cracks and focusing on small tasks you’ve been forgetting to complete for a while. Focusing on the little things will benefit you in the future.