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Your Perfect Pet, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every sign has a pet that they will feel most emotionally nourished and comforted by. Whether you’re looking for your first pet or looking to add a new floof mate to your growing family of furballs, this is the emotional support pet you most resonate with, based on your zodiac sign. 


You love yourself a giant Newfoundland dog. They are loyal, loveable, always by your side and generous to a fault – much like you. Whenever you’re in crisis, a Newfie will rush to your aid and give you that big bear hug that will heal your soul. 


You need a pet that is bold, ferocious and brave like you, Aries, all in a tiny package. A Chihuahua is your perfect emotional support animal because you both share the same personality and both of you are ready to fight against anyone trying you. Vent to your Chihuahua without limits about your ex and you’ve got a great listener (and exquisitely outspoken barker) and defender for life. 


You may be an air sign, Aquarius, but your namesake screams flowing like calm, cold waters. You’d benefit from a colorful guppy fish or betta fish which keeps you company without needing too much of your time and energy. Plus, their vibrant colors are reminiscent of your creativity and remind you to think outside the box. 


The Saarloos wolfdog is one of the closest dog breeds you’d get to a real wolf, Scorpio, and it’s perfect for your intense emotional needs. They are kind and nurturing on the outside but are fiercely protective and instinctual, making this the perfect intelligent companion to guide you through life’s darkest mysteries. You may also enjoy a Persian cat whose playfulness will counteract your need for control during tumultuous times.


Both you and the Siberian husky are amazing runners. The Siberian husky chases after prey and you run from love Sagittarius. Just kidding (I can make that joke because I am a Sagittarius sun and am really just dragging myself). This husky will be a warm fluffy cloud for you on rainy days, comforting you on long walks through the forest. You’ve found yourself a fellow kindred hunter. 


The Samoyed is a knockout just like you, Leo, grabbing attention wherever they go with their beautiful, thick white coats. They will cuddle you endlessly during cold lonely nights but will be your biggest wingwoman during hot girl walks.


The energetic Border Collie will keep you alert and focused when you get too swept away by daydreams, Pisces. Instead of pondering what could’ve been, your Border Collie will encourage you to step outside of your emotional spells and spread magic outdoors. You’ll be spending so much time walking them and chasing after them you won’t have time chasing after emotionally unavailable people. 


The Pomeranian screams royalty, Libra, and they’ll connect you to your inner queen, teaching you to remain firm in your boundaries during emotionally charged times in your relationships. Plus, they’re high maintenance so they’ll sniff out toxic people in a heartbeat, saving you much time and energy from turmoil.


You need a pet that will always stay true to you, Cancer, which makes a golden retriever the safest bet for your emotional and psychological needs. This lifelong companion will bring you much joy and interrupt your bursts of sadness, reminding you to look on the brighter side of life. 


Your strong work ethic and analytical nature makes a German Shepherd an inspiring emotional support animal for you, Virgo. They will keep you calm and grounded during hard times and will also keep you active so you can go back to productive projects with more serenity. 


A Bengal cat is beautiful, bold, multifaceted, passionate and affectionate. They are both wild and sweet – the perfect pet counterpart to reflect back and positively affirm your own duality, Gemini. You two will roam the emotional wilderness of life together with a vivacious energy that will put past emotional wounds to shame.


The Tamaskan dog and you both have separation anxiety in common and a fondness for loyal, sturdy, solid connections. They mirror your hard-working nature and are easygoing enough for you to feel less anxious and out of control during the day. They would be the perfect match for your animal mate for life, grounding you back to earth every time you need a best friend.