Bruna Gabrielle Félix

Your Secret Relationship Superpower, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Expressing desire

Naturally assertive and driven to go after what you long for, your ability to take intuitive action inspires the inner child in all of us, helping your partner feel seen, special, and deeply desired. You may not always plan things to completion, and for you, this trait works in your favor, not detriment.

Taurus – Providing a sense of home

You do everything you can to avoid steering others in the wrong direction, Taurus. Embodied, present, and potentially slow to enter new relationships, when you do enter partnership, you mean it in every sense of the world. You’re a safe haven and grounding force.

Gemini – Intellectual stimulation

With a vibrant mind and ability to communicate from both head and heart, you inspire your partner to think bigger and never stop exploring who they are. You’re the most communicative of the Zodiacs, Gemini, and help your partner get to know all sides of who they’re meant to be.

Cancer – Inspiring intimacy

Potentially cautious of entering new relationships, once you let someone into your inner world, you desire to share things on the deepest level possible. You’re connected to the unconscious domain, Cancer, and long to be a partner that inspires shadow work with romantic partners.

Leo – Spontaneity

Jovial and expressive, your innately charismatic nature inspires your partner to stand more fully in the light of their own. As the kings and queens of the Zodiac, Leo, your expression mirrors the regal nature of your partner back onto themselves and inspires them to show up more fully.

Virgo – Attention to detail

Humble and service oriented, your innately giving personality is fine tuned. In your presence, partners may feel seen and cared for in minute ways they have never experienced before, Virgo. Your presence reminds them what it feels like to be loved and worthy of receiving.

Libra – Charm

As ruler of the House of Partnership, you naturally inspire the inner partner in others. Your mate is often inspired to show up in ways they’ve never shown up before. You bring effortless balance into relationships — a beautiful harmony of giving and receiving, lightness and integrity, forward momentum and a present state of being that helps your partner see themselves in new light. 

Scorpio – Resilience

Deeply passionate and driven to see the person someone is meant to be, when you love someone, you love them fully. Commitment matters deeply to you, Scorpio, and you’re able to do this in healthy expression. You accept others and are willing to see them through both darkness and light, reminding us all of the beauty behind true vulnerability and the transformative power of relationships.

Sagittarius – Going with the flow

Your adventurous and fun-loving personality gifts you with a state of presence that others deeply admire you for, Sagittarius. Not one to allow others to push you around, you have a sense of embodiment that inspires your lover to embrace whatever the present moment is asking for.

Capricorn — Wisdom

Committed and ambitious, you help others stay on task and are known for being a natural leader. Others respect the integrity to which you carry yourself, Capricorn. To your partner, your presence provides an unwavering sense of peace as they notice your commitment to doing — and somehow always knowing — the right thing.

Aquarius – Problem-solving

Unapologetically yourself, you’re a truth-sayer who inspires new and authentic ways of being. You naturally advocate for the needs and safety of others, pushing forward as a natural humanitarian in this world, Aquarius. When in romantic partnership, your ability to remain objective and in service for the highest good leads you being unabashed in what’s fair, desired, and worthy of being worked for.

Pisces – Knowing your worth

Gifted with a strong sense of intuition, Pisces, you would rather remain single than tolerate a less-than desired relationship. You require a partner who meets you in life with similar dedication to spiritual and personal growth.