You’ve Been Ghosted And Now You’re Bothered, Here’s Why (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)


Because you respect honesty. You wouldn’t have been offended if they were straightforward about not seeing a future with you.


Because you’re an overthinker. Ghosting leaves way too much room for interpretation. You would much rather know how they feel than try to guess.


Because you don’t want to waste your time. Every second counts, and if someone isn’t going to be in your life any longer, you want to know right away so you can start moving on from them.


Because you get worried easily. When someone ghosts, a part of you is worried that something horrible happened to them. You’re genuinely concerned for their well-being.


Because you have plenty of other options. If someone doesn’t want to be with you, you want to know right away so you can explore other possibilities.


Because you are mature enough to have an adult conversation about your feelings. Running away doesn’t make sense to you. You would rather talk things through.


Because you have trouble moving on without closure. You don’t need a thorough explanation, but you at least want a goodbye. It’s not that much to ask for.


Because you would have been okay with staying friends. But ghosting makes it impossible to have any type of relationship with them at all.


Because you are persistent. You’re going to assume you need to keep trying with this person if they haven’t made it clear that they aren’t interested. You’re going to chase them when they don’t want to be caught.


Because you don’t get attached easily. If you’ve been texting this person for a while, it means you really did like them. The least they could do is tell you that they’re not interested.


Because you never would have ghosted them. You want to be treated with the same level of sincerity and transparency that you’ve always given them.


Because your feelings get hurt easily. When you care about someone, you can’t simply forget about them. You’re not able to separate yourself that easily, and you’re not sure how they could do it to you.