Zodiac Partners Ranked From Independent To Codependent  

1. Aquarius 

You are known for being independent and marching to the beat of your own drum. One of your biggest hesitations regarding relationships is having to compromise on some of that freedom. You’re willing to do it for the right person, but that person had better be super right and worth it.

2. Sagittarius 

Your wanderlust and love of freedom and adventure are defining traits. You love your freedom and won’t give it up for just anyone. You are not in a hurry to settle down and want to savor your time living for yourself. Your ideal match is someone who won’t stifle you and will appreciate your independent spirit.

3. Aries

Fiery, strong, and always on the go, it’s hard to pin down an Aries. They are passionate about many things and as a result, they tend to fall in love fast… but they aren’t in a rush to find love. They just have so much else going on! But if Aries does come across a suitable match, they don’t mess around and will pursue that person with the same fervor they pursue everything else in their lives!

4. Capricorn 

Known for being hyper-ambitious and driven, Capricorns are usually more focused on achieving their goals than finding love. You don’t like feeling emotionally dependent on others so you keep your distance. You don’t really “fall” in love, rather you wait for the right time and then choose to love.

5. Scorpio 

Suspicious and slow to trust, Scorpios keep themselves guarded when it comes to love. If a Scorpio decides they can trust you, they will go all in. If they’re unsure, then you don’t exist to them. Scorpios take their time and won’t dive into any relationship for the sake of being in a relationship. But when they do commit, they go all in.

6. Gemini

Gemini’s are known for being fickle. As such, one day they might be desperate for a relationship, other days not so much. It really depends on their mood and how their self-esteem is doing at the moment. If their self-worth tank is low, they may crave having someone to act as a shiny mirror for them.

7. Leo 

Fiercely independent, magnetic, and made for the spotlight, it may seem like Leos can’t be bothered with love but they actually crave it deeply. Leos have an overriding need to be deeply loved and to love deeply so being in a relationship is something they value.

8. Virgo

Virgos love to feel useful and needed. They can make wonderful partners, but sometimes they can be a little too over-accomodating to their partners, compromising their integrity and looking needy and desperate.

9. Libra

Libra’s love love. Maybe a little too much as they have a tendency to get drunk on love pretty easily. Part of the problem is they love the idea of love and can easily get swept away in grand illusions and fantasies. Try to come back down to earth and see a relationship for what it actually is, the ups as well as the downs.

10. Taurus 

Stable and reliable, a Taurus is definitely the relationship kind. They can tend to be a little overbearing with their partners and demand too much which can come across as being a bit too much.

11. Pisces 

Soft and sensitive, Pisces deeply desire a deep and meaningful love. They may want it so much that get get attached too quickly and scare their partners off with their intensity.

12. Cancer 

Cancers tend to make the mistake of thinking love will make them feel complete or healed. As a result, they fall in love with what their hoping the other person can provide for them more than an actual person and since what they believe this person can provide is so significant, they cling to it firmly and obsessively. Practice loving yourself and finding your worth so you don’t fall into this trap and can enjoy a healthier love.