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Zodiac Signs Ranked By Who Is The Most Likely To Break Your Heart

There are hardcore heartbreakers and there are those who let you down easy. Some zodiac signs are ruthless while others are more likely to be the one getting their heart broken. We’re ranking the zodiac signs from most likely to break your heart to least likely to cause that pain. Where do you rank?

1. Gemini

With a Gemini, you never really know where you stand. Their fickle moods will have you feeling loved one moment and rejected the next. Because of their volatile nature, dating a Gemini will make you feel confused at least half the time. Even if you end up being the one to break it off, you’ll still somehow end up with the broken heart.

2. Aquarius

Aquarius is one of the least emotional signs of the zodiac. When they’re breaking up with you, it’ll feel like a robot is delivering the bad news. While the best breakups feature compassion and maybe a shoulder to cry on, you likely won’t get enough of either from an Aquarius. It’ll feel cold, formal, and quick.

3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the adventurous sign. No matter how well you keep up with them, as soon as you want or need to rest, they’ll start feeling like you’re holding them back. While some zodiacs soften the blow when they break your heart, a Sagittarius will make you feel like you weren’t good enough for them–whether that’s based in reality or not.

4. Pisces

While a Pisces may be nice in the moment of a breakup, they will immediately shut down once that moment is over. Pisces need a lot of time to mull over how they feel, and when they’re in that self-reflection period, they don’t want any contact from you. Isolation is the name of the game. Don’t expect a long, drawn-out breakup with tons of closure.

5. Scorpio

Regardless of how a Scorpio is actually feeling, they’ll act very cold during a breakup. As soon as they’ve made up their mind that they don’t want to be with you anymore, they shut off the warm personality. There’s no convincing them to change their minds, either. They’ll go from breaking your heart to finding new people to date within a matter of days.

6. Aries

Unfortunately, an Aries will make the breakup all about them. They aren’t doing this on purpose. It’s just that their strong personality and opinionated nature make them the star of the show in their own minds. Pair the fact that they move on pretty quickly from heartbreak and you’ll be left wondering if you were the only one who cared in the first place.

7. Libra

You might not feel the heartbreak right away from a Libra. They’ll say all the right things at first–which is great. Unfortunately, they’re serial monogamists, so they’ll move on from you before you even get a chance to stop crying. It’ll be a kick to the heart to know that they’ve replaced you so fast, but feel better knowing that’s just their nature.

8. Capricorn

Capricorns are very nice when it comes to a breakup. They don’t take breaking your heart lightly, and will only do it when they’re absolutely sure it’s the right move. Even so, Capricorns aren’t as emotionally available as other signs. They see the breakup more as a task to be done than an actual emotional connection being severed.

9. Leo

It takes a lot for a Leo to break up with someone. They’ll put up with a lot. So the odds of you ever getting your heart broken by one are pretty low, which is why they’re not further up on the list. But, if their pride has been hurt enough and they decide to dump you, they’re not going to be that nice about it. You’ll get fireworks and dynamite whether you want it or not.

10. Cancer

If a Cancer is knowingly breaking your heart, they’ll be highly aware of your feelings. In fact, they’ll be so focused on how you feel that it might actually be too much. Good luck if you need some space. And even when a Cancer is the one initiating the breakup, they’ll likely do a lot of the crying themselves, making it feel like you’re the one breaking up with them.

11. Virgo

Virgos like to get stuff done. When they break your heart, it will feel measured and a little clinical. If they start to feel like the process is getting drawn out, they’ll start backing away. Even so, they’re one of the easier signs because they’ll be there for you without being too much.

12. Taurus

The odds of a Taurus breaking your heart are incredibly low. They’re the type to stay in a relationship well past its expiration date because they’ve gotten so comfortable. They’ll do anything not to be the one to end things, so you’ll ultimately have to be the bad guy if a relationship with a Taurus has to end.