Damian Borja

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Agreeable To Most Stubborn


Many see her as a pushover or a doormat; she just sees herself as nice. She has trouble making decisions and would rather you make them. She is so openminded that some would see her as gullible. If you say you hate Chipotle, she will say she hates it, too—even though she secretly eats there five times a week. She really aims to please. A joiner by nature, she is the most likely star sign to eventually become a cult member.


As flexible as a yoga master, this air-headed air sign goes with the flow and swims with the trends. Built by Goddess with a dual personality, she can’t even make up her own mind. She sees both sides of any issue and can see the values and flaws in each. She’s restless and easily distracted. Some would even say flighty. When it comes to trends, she flips and flops like a fish on a boat deck. Ideas, lovers, clothing style—she’s always trading in old ones for new ones. Unlike Libra, she never changes to please you. She changes because that’s just what she does. It’s in her blood.


Her opinions change as often as her feelings, which is every five minutes. Kim is the most assertive out of all Kardashians. No, it’s Khloe. No, it’s Kris Jenner. No, it’s Caitlyn. She’ll say all this during one episode before the first commercial break. Every so often she’ll hold onto an opinion and refuse to let go of it with her crab claws. So she has intermittent bursts of extreme stubbornness. Otherwise, she’s pretty much a solid 100% flake.


Mostly agreeable, sometimes stubborn. She sticks by her convictions but is willing to change her convictions if you offer a persuasive argument why she’s wrong. She can change to fit changing situations over which she has no control; in other words, she’s not stupidly stubborn. She can also tell when you’re trying to play her, and in that case she’s the most stubborn girl on the block. She won’t budge an inch.

5. LEO

She’ll be stubborn up to the point where it risks making her unpopular or will cause her a personal setback. Even if the boss is being a dick and isn’t even paying her to get him coffee on her way to work, she’s not so stubborn that she’ll risk getting fired by making a point of it. If she wants to go to an Italian restaurant but the rest of you want Thai, she’ll go to the Thai restaurant but loudly remind you all that she wanted to eat Italian as she’s taking her first bite of Pad Thai.


She’s stubborn, but not a blockhead. She will stick by her guns until you actually prove that her guns aren’t loaded. She won’t admit she’s wrong until you actually show her on Wikipedia that “Philadelphia” means “City of Brotherly Love” in Greek. (She thought it meant “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” No, that’s the state nickname for Minnesota.) She’s less stubborn when she’s in a good mood, so if you need to ask her for a favor, wait until she’s smiling.


Stubborn as a big granite mountain about her own decisions and beliefs, she can’t be bothered to intervene in yours. She picks her spots very carefully and plans her moves with the greatest of caution. In matters of love and friendship, she’s flexible; when it comes to her personal decisions and life path, you’d best get out of her way.


Now we’re finally entering the Headstrong Zone, and Sags can be quite determined. She will dig her heels in the ground until they get stuck there. But she has her reasons: She’s been burned in the past because she let herself be vulnerable, and so she’s vowed never to get burned again. She’s the one who’ll go to the Italian restaurant instead of the Thai restaurant with the rest of you because she likes Italian food better than she likes the rest of you.


She’s been there, done that, has seen it all, and isn’t impressed with you. So she’s stubborn, but as a result of hard experience—she knows the game and the players, and she can’t be played. She’s actually generous and kind and always willing to help, but if you try to get her to do something she doesn’t want to do, you might as well be pissing in the wind.


You can take her in a space capsule around the globe and she’ll still insist the world is flat. You can tell her that one plus one equals two, and she’ll tell you it’s three. She will listen to every word you say and dismiss each one of them. But if you flatter her, she’ll curl up in your palm and purr like a kitten. So don’t try to change her mind with a logical argument—just tell her she’s pretty.


This water-carrier carries HER water the way SHE wants to carry it, and YOU better damn well NOT try to tell her there’s a better way. It is easier to lift a mid-sized automobile off the ground than to get an Aquarius to change her mind. The only exceptions are family members and people who have a lot of money. If you aren’t either of these, you’re screwed for life with her.


Stubborn as a long-horned ram. Stubborn as a roadblock. If you want to split the restaurant check but she insists on treating you because she just got a raise at work and likes to show off, she will literally wrestle you to the ground if you try to grab the check. And if you successfully wrest the check away from her, she will tackle you to the floor as you walk toward the cashier. If you see her coming, duck—this is one stubborn human being.