Jill Burrow

5 Zodiac Signs That Overthink In Relationships 

We’re all guilty of overthinking on occasion… and it rarely leads anywhere good. But some people have a much harder time of it than others. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge so these are the zodiac signs with the greatest tendency to overthink and tips to overcome it.


You are a perfectionist and as hard on yourself as you are on others. You can’t help but pick things apart in a relationship, you have high standards but don’t trust that they will be met. You tend to see problems before they even exist and research those hypothetical problems and solutions. Try to slow down and step out of your inner emotional whirlpool and remember not to solve problems until there is a problem to solve. When you let your propensity to overthink and overanalyze go unchecked you become your own worst enemy, damaging your mental health as well as your romantic (and regular) relationships. 


You are notoriously the most suspicious of all the zodiac signs and you can’t help but read too deeply into someone else’s intentions. You don’t give yourself away easily and protect your heart ferociously. While you are naturally intuitive, you tend to second-guess yourself when it comes to matters of the heart. You want to love and be loved, but you are also apprehensive to relinquish control and put yourself in a vulnerable position. It’s a risk and a gamble… and while it is scary, you’ll never have the satisfying, deep love you crave if you don’t get your mind and fears under control. 


Making decisions is one of your biggest challenges, you just change your mind so easily that it’s hard to commit to one thing. This causes challenges in your relationships and you can’t help but overthink things to the point of exhaustion — is this the right person? Do I really want to settle down? Maybe I need something else? Or maybe this is it? Or maybe it’s not? You can make yourself dizzy with all the turnarounds happening in your own mind. Practice grounding yourself and getting to a place of stillness and calm so you can have better access to your intuition. 


You are excessively perfectionistic, everything needs to be a certain way. You like to be prepared for every possible scenario which can lead you to overthink and push love away. Your overthinking can cause you to feel overwhelmed. Try not to get so caught up in the details and see the bigger picture. 


You just want everyone to be happy and this can cause you to stress a little too much in your relationships. You have a hard time making and sticking to decisions and this can cause people to feel guarded around you… they don’t know if the rug will be pulled out from under them. Your overthinking comes from a good place, you just want to make the right decision instead of being racked with regret. Try to focus more on what you want rather than on your need to please everyone because that’s an impossible standard.