Zodiacs Ranked By Who Makes The Best Valentine's Day Date

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Zodiacs Ranked By Who Makes The Best Valentine’s Day Date


Libras love the concept of love. Valentine’s Day is one of their favorite times of the year because it gives them an excuse to spoil their partner rotten. This sign has the ability to make you feel special with only a few words or even a look. When you’re dating them, you’re bound to have a romantic Valentine’s Day that you’re never going to forget. 


Cancers are more comfortable giving gifts than receiving them, so they are going to make you feel special this Valentine’s day. They are going to make you feel loved, supported, and appreciated by reminding you why they love you and giving you a gift that fits you perfectly, a gift that you never knew you wanted. They put a lot of thought into this holiday, but they don’t expect anything major in return.


Aries are unpredictable — which is always fun on a holiday like Valentine’s Day. You’ll never be able to guess what they have planned for you, but it will be an adventure that you’re going to remember for a lifetime. Aries always make dates memorable. They always put their hundred percent into making their partner happy.


Pisces are a sappy sign, so they are going to love whatever you give them for Valentine’s Day. To them, it really is the thought that counts. As long as you put effort into your card or present, they are going to feel lucky to have you. However, there might be some waterworks. They won’t be able to hold back their emotion on such a special day.


Taurus are thoughtful, so they’re bound to make you (or buy you) something extra sweet for Valentine’s Day. They’ll probably plan out a whole evening for you that they’re going to hope goes perfectly. The only problem is that they’ll panic if things go off schedule. If the restaurant is too crowded or their gift arrives late, it could ruin the whole occasion. After all, they wanted things to go perfectly and won’t settle for less.


Sagittarius don’t have strong feelings about Valentine’s Day. If their partner wants to skip it, they’re fine with that. But if their partner is excited about the holiday and wants to celebrate it, they’re fine with that too. Basically, they let their partner take the lead. They’ll do whatever their person wants without complaint.


Leos make great Valentine’s dates — as long as you’re willing to put in the effort to spoil them rotten. They are going to expect big things from this holiday. If you forget that it’s a special day, an argument will be in your future. But they are going to put in the work too. They are going to surprise you with something special, something that will make all of your hard work feel worth it.   


Geminis are adventurous, so they might whisk you away on a fun adventure on Valentine’s Day, but their lack of planning could be a problem. After all, if they don’t make reservations weeks ahead, everything will be booked. So there’s a good chance you’ll be spending the holiday with them inside, eating a home-cooked meal. But that can be just as fun!


Virgos aren’t against Valentine’s Day, but when it falls in the middle of the week when they have other things to worry about, they aren’t going to go out of their way to celebrate it. They might order a small present for their partner or drink some fancy wine with dinner, but that’ll be the extent of it. It’s not like they get the day off to celebrate it, and their anniversary feels like a bigger deal anyway.


Aquarius will treat their partners right — but they love on their own terms. This sign doesn’t understand what the big deal is about Valentine’s Day, so they probably won’t go all out for it. They probably won’t spend a lot of money or time trying to make it special. Not unless their partner is a big fan of the holiday. Then they will do all the things they’re supposed to do, but reluctantly. 


Capricorns aren’t the lovey-dovey type. They don’t see the point in acting any differently on Valentine’s Day than they do on any other day of the year. But that’s actually a good thing. They don’t wait until a special occasion to treat you right. They treat you well every single day of the year, no exceptions. But this means Valentine’s Day probably won’t feel as exciting as in the movies.


Scorpios are cynics. Even when they’re in a happy relationship, they have a hard time enjoying Valentine’s Day because they remember how miserable it made them in the past. They remember the pressure everyone put on them to find love, and they’re still bitter about it. They don’t need a holiday that makes anyone feel bad about themselves, so they won’t enjoy this one even when they’re in love.