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21 Green Flags That Prove He’s ‘Husband Material’

In a world that’s so focused on finding the red flags, it’s easy to forget that green flags are just as, if not more, important.

Here are 21 green flags that prove a man is “husband material.”

  1. He welcomes vulnerability. Vulnerability is at the heart of intimacy and connection. It shows that he understands the importance of expressing feelings and that he’s open to yours as well.
  2. He takes initiative. He doesn’t wait for you to clean up the dishes or plan dates or text first. He’s already way ahead of you.
  3. He knows what he wants. Out of himself. Out of his career. Out of your relationship. Out of his life. He has clear goals and dreams and aspirations and is taking steps to make those things happen.
  4. He knows how to apologize. He doesn’t avoid accountability. He doesn’t say shit like, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” He gives sincere apologies when he messes up and, most importantly, learns from his mistakes and changes the behavior that needs changing.
  5. He treats people who work in the service industry with respect.
  6. He talks about past partners with compassion. In other words, he doesn’t call them “crazy” or look at former relationships bitterly. He has processed their endings with maturity and has fully moved on.
  7. He brags about you. He’s proud to be with you and you know it.
  8. He is sweet with kids. Even if you both aren’t interested in having children, he is kind and gentle with kids. This shows character.
  9. He’s financially responsible. This means that he is tackling debt or taking the steps to avoid it. He has a savings account. He has a budget and sticks to it. He pays his bills on time. He lives within his means.
  10. He understands that honesty doesn’t have to be brutal to be effective.
  11. He respects boundaries (and has his own).
  12. He doesn’t assume he knows what’s best for you. He asks what you need. He not only considers your point of view but refers to it as a guide post.
  13. He encourages you to pursue your interests.
  14. He is loyal.
  15. He goes above and beyond the bare minimum.
  16. He is gracious.
  17. He is adventurous. He likes to try new things. He is open to new cultures and types of people and walks of life. He wants to experience the world fully while he’s here and wants you along for the ride.
  18. You feel beautiful and confident and most like yourself around him. He’s your safe person.
  19. He’s the first one you want to call with good news.
  20. He’s the first one you want to call with bad news, too.
  21. He never stops dating you. A man who is husband material will never stop dating you. He plans dates and vacations and brings you flowers or your favorite wine after a long day at the office. He never stops putting in the work. He is invested and wants you to know how much he loves you. And he makes sure you know by showing it.