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6 Concrete Signs You Should Give Up On Online Dating For Good

They say that online dating is here to stay. With so much of our lives now being online–from work to school to socializing with friends–it makes sense that meeting a date or even your potential future spouse would take place there, too. And yet…do you really want to keep using the apps? Is it even working? Here are your concrete signs that it’s finally time to give up on online dating.

1. You’ve deleted and reinstalled the apps too many times to count.

You install Tinder and Hinge at least a little hopeful that this time will be different. But after months of no success at all but a handful of terrible dates and new people to block for good, you delete and take a break. And then, several months later, the cycle begins again. Maybe it’s time to accept this just doesn’t work.

2. The thought of meeting someone IRL from online fills you with dread.

You have enough bad dates and the thought of going on another one is no longer exciting or fun. It’s just a horror show. If you can’t even get excited about something, why do it, right?

3. You keep seeing all the same people on the apps that you’ve seen for years.

That guy with the fishing picture. The dude who has 8 pictures of himself frowning from the same camera angle every time. The one who fills his bio with a diatribe of the types of women he doesn’t want to date. They’re all still there, again. The same guys you didn’t want to date last year, filling up the apps.

4. You’ve changed up your profile countless times with no success.

You’ve followed all the tips and tricks you’ve found on TikTok for how to improve your dating profile. You have varied pictures showing how cute and adorable you are. You have a quippy, short bio. Your banter skills are on-point. And yet…nothing.

5. You’re never actually excited or hopeful anymore.

You’re just kind of going through the motions at this point. But if your heart isn’t in it, why are you doing it? Maybe because you think this is the only way to meet someone. Speaking of which…

6. Everyone around you is meeting people in real life.

If online dating is the best way to find someone, then why are all the successful relationships you know of acquired in real life? From the friend who fell for her barista to your brother who met someone at a comic book convention. People are meeting their soulmates IRL more than ever before, proving that maybe all these apps weren’t the right way to go after all. Best get your face out of your phone and out in the real world, stat.