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6 Concrete Signs You’re More Likely To Settle For A Bare Minimum Love

You have a fear of confrontation.

You don’t want to voice your frustrations because you don’t want to cause a fight. You would rather avoid the drama by staying silent. But this means you’re letting them get away with their behavior. They won’t have any incentive to change the way they’re acting because they either don’t realize you’re unsatisfied or they realize that they can get away with it without consequence. Even though it’s common to have a fear of confrontation, you have to remember that tough conversations can be a good thing. It can make your relationship stronger when you’re with the right person, a person who is willing to grow and do what’s best for you.

You feel like you’re running out of time.

If you are trying to stick to some imaginary timeline and feel pressured to settle down ASAP, then you might pick the first person you find and decide that they’re good enough. As long as they aren’t treating you horribly, you might stay because you feel like you’re running out of time and options. But you have to remember, you can find love at any age. You aren’t as behind as you feel.

You’ve had bad relationship role models – or have been in bad relationships in the past.

When the relationships you’re used to are terrible, then anyone who treats you halfway decent will feel like a breath of fresh air. But just because someone treats you better than your ex did doesn’t mean they’re actually treating you well. It doesn’t mean they’re the perfect partner.

You struggle with your self-worth.

If you don’t realize how much you deserve, then there’s a chance you’re going to settle for someone who isn’t meeting your standards. There’s a chance you’ll believe them when they tell you that you should be happy with what they’re giving you, that you should take what you can get. If you don’t realize that you deserve the world, then you probably won’t ask for nearly as much as you should be getting.

You get attached easily.

If you fall in love easily, before you have the chance to really get to know this person, then there’s a chance you’ll realize they weren’t what you originally thought. There’s a chance that you’ll wake up one morning and realize that you’re with the type of person you swore you would never date. But if you’re already attached to them and are hesitant to leave, you might stay with someone who never deserved you.

You’re scared of being alone.

If you have no interest in ending the relationship, even though they aren’t making you happy, then you might not call them out on their BS. After all, you don’t want to chase them away. You don’t want to give them a reason to leave, and you know that speaking your mind could end the relationship. So you never ask for more. You settle for less than you deserve because you wrongly assume being in the wrong relationship beats being alone.