6 Things Most People Don’t Understand About Your Anxiety

6 Things Most People Won’t Understand About Your Anxiety

Most people don’t understand that you can’t stop your anxiety in its tracks.

While breathing exercises and positive thinking can be helpful, those things aren’t going to magically make your anxious thoughts disappear. Other people might encourage you to simply stop worrying. They might assume you have complete control over your thoughts because that’s the way their own mind and body work. But anxiety can completely take over. Some people don’t understand that you don’t want to feel anxious all the time. You aren’t choosing this.

Most people don’t understand that your anxiety can get in the way of things you actually want to do.

If you admit you’re feeling anxious about hanging out with friends or going to a party, some people are going to assume you aren’t interested in doing those things. They are going to feel like you’re only going because you’re feeling pressured. But sometimes, the things you want to do the most can cause you the most anxiety. Sometimes, a part of you is super excited to go out while the anxious part of you is dreading it.

Most people don’t understand that you’re feeling anxious so much of the time.

Others might assume that you’re only anxious when they can see the signs, when you’re fidgeting and shaking and sick to your stomach. But a lot of the time, you’re able to hide your anxiety. That doesn’t mean that it’s gone away. That doesn’t mean that you’re having an easy time coping. It simply means that you’re dealing with more than the average person sees.

Most people don’t understand that you might not know why you’re anxious.

Others might think you’re lying or trying to shut them out when you tell them you aren’t sure what’s causing your anxiety. But it’s normal to get anxious without being able to pinpoint why. Sometimes anxiety comes out of the blue. You have no idea why you’re suddenly having trouble breathing and are starting to sweat. Your anxiety can be a mystery, even to you. It doesn’t always make perfect sense.

Most people don’t understand that anxiety can impact your physical health.

Anxiety does more than make you overthink. It can make you feel physically sick. You might have chest pains or an upset stomach. You might feel fatigued or develop unexplained muscle aches. Anxiety is so much more than racing thoughts. It can do a number on your entire body.

Most people don’t understand that your anxiety is worse for you.

Some people might act like your anxiety is inconvenient or a burden – and those people don’t deserve your time or attention. After all, if they are having trouble coping with your anxiety, imagine how you must feel. Dealing with anxious thoughts every second of every day is much worse for the person experiencing that anxiety than the people around them. If someone cannot understand that, or simply doesn’t care, they have no place in your world. You deserve to be surrounded by people who love you completely.