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Emma Bauso

6 Zodiacs Who Couldn’t Love You Any More


Leo loves hard, from family to friends, and doesn’t know any other way. Hopeless romantics at heart, they’ll meet your needs when you’re in a relationship with them. Their love is intense. With the right one, they only grow more selfless and devoted.


If you’re important to Aries, you’ll know. Like Leo, their love won’t ever leave you hanging. You’ll see where you stand and how strongly they feel about you. Their family and friends are their top priority. They have a knack for showering loved ones with the utmost affection.


Pisces wears their heart on their sleeve. So, if they tell you they love you, believe them. They’re one of the kindest of the zodiac and always want what’s best for their loved ones. They have a lot of love to give. In love, they’re one of the most committed and supportive partners out there.


Scorpios love intensely. They tend to spoil their loved ones with undivided time and attention. In love, you can count on them to plan the best dates and surprise you with multiple gifts..


Cancers give their whole heart to those they love. Like Aries, Cancers tend to prioritize their family and friends and shower them with abundant love, affection, and never-ending quality time.


Taurus is rooted in their love for the ones closest to them. They like to spoil them with acts of service and personalized gifts. Their love is grounded and loyal, so you can count on them when things get tough. They won’t leave your side.