tattooed man in sunglasses and hat
Elle Hughes

8 Types Of Men To Stop Chasing Immediately

Here are eight types of men to stop chasing immediately.

1. The Bare Minimum Man

The bare minimum man never goes beyond what is necessary which is to say he will put in the absolute least to keep you around. You will never feel valued when you’re with a bare minimum man. You will constantly be picking up the slack in the relationship and begging for more, more that you will never receive.

2. The Non-Committal Crew Member

He’s all about “going with the flow” and seeing where that lands you, which will never be anywhere good! Indecision is a decision and the decision is…not you. Stop trying to convince him to see your worth. It won’t work.

3. The Untapped Potential Partner

Please understand that falling for an idea is never a good idea. The Untapped Potential Partner will never become who you want him and need him to be. You need to take people as they actually are (or let them go). It will save you a lot of time and heartbreak in the long run.

4. The Social Media Lurker (AKA Mr. Plan Evader)

He reacts to all of your Instagram Stories with the fire emoji but what isn’t hot is his inability ever to see you in person. He will say shit like, “Let’s hang out sometime!” but then, it never happens, even if you attempt to initiate plans with him. Inconsistency is a turn-off. Forget this type of man.

5. One-Sided Conversationalist Guy

Basically, this guy never asks you any questions. Like, at all. The conversations all revolve around himself and his interests. Respect yourself more. Say no to the One-Sided Conversationalist Guy.

6. The Dude Who Needs A Therapist Who Isn’t Also You

Trauma dumping? Anxious attachment style? No therapist? Check, check, anddddd check. The Dude Who Needs A Therapist Who Isn’t Also You will depend on you for all of his emotional support (usually providing zero emotional support in return). This will never be the foundation for a healthy partnership. It will be exhausting and not good for either of you.

7. Joe Rogan Stan

I will not elaborate because I do not feel it is necessary at this point.

8. Hansel (AKA The Breadcrumber)

You deserve more than breadcrumbs. Don’t settle for a Hansel.