Jeff Isy

A Tarot Reader Predicts What Each Zodiac Should Expect Before November 6


Your card: 8 of Cups

If you want to get better at something, you have to do the work to develop those skills. This week, pick one or two things and practice, practice, practice. And if you get bored easily, you can always listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while you work.


Your card: 4 of Pentacles

This is the time to be cautious–especially when it comes to money. If you’ve been thinking of splurging on something big or fun, wait a week. Something might happen this week that’ll need that money more.


Your card: Knight of Swords

This week, take action. Rather than sitting around overthinking everything, it’s better if you do some quick thinking and take immediate action instead. Luckily, you’re better at leading with instinct rather than overthinking it anyway.


Your card: 4 of Wands

This is a perfect time for a party, which is serendipitous since this week is Halloween. If you’re feeling like hosting something, go with it. Channel that excitement and share the good vibes with all your favorite people.


Your card: 6 of Pentacles

You’ll come upon an opportunity to be generous this week. Maybe a charity will ask for a donation or a friend will need a loan. If you can swing the money, this is the universe telling you do do so. Be generous and help people who need it.


Your card: The Hierophant

You’ll be tempted to keep with tradition this week. Maybe there’s something you always do on Halloween every year and you want to do it again this time. Only keep with traditions if you like them and they still serve you. But if you feel like changing course, go for it.


Your card: 2 of Swords

You’ll have to make a tough decision this week. Sometimes choices are easy, but that’s not the case right now. None of the options jump out at you as the correct course of action, so you’ll just have to take a leap of faith.


Your card: Ace of Pentacles

Your powers for manifestation are killer this week, especially when it comes to money and your career. Live that divine lifestyle and make your dreams come true this week. When you see an opportunity or an opening, put yourself right where you need to be.


Your card: The Empress

If someone comes to you for help this week, make space for them. This is your opportunity to be the comforting and nurturing presence they need to get through a rough time.


Your card: The Devil

Temptation will call to you this week, and it’s up to you whether you heed the call or ignore it entirely. Temptation is fine in moderation but be wary that it could also be your undoing.


Your card: The World

This card marks the fulfilling end to a journey. It could mean literal travel for you this week, or something subtler, like the completion of a project. While some endings are sad, this one will bring only positive energy.


Your card: 9 of Wands

This week is going to be exhausting. While you might have little bursts of energy and fun, the underlying vibes are all off. Work is tough, interpersonal relationships will be out of whack, and you’ll just need to weather it all until the week is over.