Ricardo Esquivel

An Incomplete List Of Relationship Goals

Holding hands in old age. Holding the door. Holding space. Letting them know they pissed you off so you can resolve the issue together. Spending time apart. Celebrating little wins even though it’s a Tuesday evening. Play. Honesty. Humor. Fighting right, not fighting to be right. Admitting mistakes. Offering your last fry. Offering a piece of your heart. Offering a hand with the dinner dishes. Gentle wake-ups on Sunday mornings. 2 AM laughing fits. Being best friends. Speaking up. Showing up. Growing up. Shared values. Just letting some shit go. Singing terribly in the car. Gratitude that you exist at the same time as them. Compassion. Commitment. Care. Surprise love notes left on the windshield. Taking candid photos of them during the moments you love them most. Hope. Healthy boundaries. Random hugs. Not expecting them to read your mind. Not trying to read their mind either. Deep conversation. Genuine connection. Tender disagreements. Seeing them as an imperfect person you feel lucky you took a chance on loving. Knowing they can’t give you the moon and the stars. Not caring about those things because all you really want in this life is them.