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An Open Letter To Hopeful Romantics

The dating scene nowadays can be so disappointing and I am sorry if you keep running into lesson after lesson. Maybe you’ve lost count of the failed talking stages, or you’re fed up with everyone acting nonchalant. However, all you want is a love that is loud. A love that does not think reassurance is too much work. A love that does not have you overthinking.

In case you’re in need of this reminder, please do not settle for less. 

The love that you desire is worth it and it’s coming. You deserve a love that appreciates all of you and not someone who wants to change you. If your desire for romance is too much for someone else then respectfully walk away. You are a lover girl at your core so don’t do a disservice to yourself by watering down the way you love and the desire of how you want to be loved. Despite the trial and errors, I am proud of you for holding onto that hope– that one day your love story will come. 

You love love and unfortunately we live in a generation that is hesitant to say I love you because to some it’s “cringy”. Please don’t let that faze you. It is okay to want to live life like the main character in your favorite romance films. You receive what you put out, so love to the fullest and when you least expect it the love you deserve should appear.