Date Someone Who Isn’t Afraid To Admit They Care
laurence la madeleine

Date Someone Who Isn’t Afraid To Admit They Care

Date someone who texts to check in on you, who remembers the little things you say, who is unafraid to admit how much they care. Date someone who goes out of their way to spoil you rotten and isn’t afraid who knows it. Date someone who puts effort into loving you–and into keeping you. 

Date someone who isn’t afraid to admit their feelings for you. Someone who talks freely about how much you mean to them. Someone who isn’t trying to play it cool and send mixed signals, who isn’t going to waste time with games when they could jump straight into the deep-end. Date someone who is upfront and honest with you from the start. 

Date someone who brags about you to their coworkers, who introduces you to all of their friends, who makes you feel like a real part of their family. Date someone who includes you whenever possible instead of hiding you away or keeping you all to themselves. Date someone who is proud to show you off to the world because your relationship is important to them. 

Date someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. Someone who never holds back how they’re feeling out of fear of what you might think. Date someone who trusts you enough to show you their authentic self. Someone who believes you’ll be there for them, no matter how open and honest they are with you. 

Date someone who would never dream of lying to impress you. Someone who prides themselves on their authenticity. Someone who expresses their feelings, even when it’s uncomfortable, even when it means you’re going to have a hard conversation. Date someone who you never have to doubt because you know they have the courage to look you in the eye and tell it to you straight. 

Date someone who embraces their feelings. Someone who doesn’t hide their emotions away or stuff them down their chest until they explode. Date someone who would rather deal with problems head-on than run from them. Someone who would rather fix what’s broken now before the problem snowballs, growing bigger and bigger by the day.

Date someone who isn’t afraid to admit they care about you, even if it means they’re putting their heart on the line. Even though it means they’re giving you ammunition to hurt them. Even though it means their heart could get shattered in the end. Date someone brave enough to love loudly. Someone who isn’t afraid to shout their feelings from the rooftops. 

Date someone who isn’t afraid to admit they care. Someone who expresses their feelings without exception. Someone who shows you their vulnerable side and trusts you to take them seriously. Most importantly, date someone who encourages you to open up about your feelings. Someone who makes you feel seen. Someone who gives you the space to explore your emotions and listens closely to everything you have to say. Date someone who you can be your real, raw self around. Someone who makes you feel like it’s okay to feel.