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Do They Deserve Another Chance At Your Love? According To Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your Card: The Devil

They may be way past second chances at this point, Aries. Perhaps you find yourself bringing up the same issues over and over again, hoping for a certain change to take place, only to find that you’re back right where you started. Maybe initially after whatever conflicts come up, there is some level of change that fills you with hope, but once they become comfortable, you’re back to hearing the same bullshit. With The Devil card, you may feel bound to this person for one reason or the other. Perhaps they’re not the first person in your life that you’ve cared about who manages to pull the same shit over and over again. Don’t get caught up in the small moments of hope. Sustained change is what you should keep track of. They’re all out of chances.


Your Card: Four of Pentacles

With the Four of Pentacles, you seem so guarded of yourself and your emotions that you might not have even given them a chance at all. You might find yourself looking for issues that aren’t there. Perhaps it’s time to open yourself up and ask yourself if you’re being too critical of this person. They are just as much human as you are, after all.


Your Card: Ace of Pentacles

People make mistakes, Gemini. We’re only human. With the Ace of Pentacles, there seems to be a very solid foundation being built between the two of you. Let that continue to grow. Give them the chance to grow with you as well. Change can take a bit of time, but with patience, sometimes it’s worth it. Whatever issues have arisen between you two may be the result of two differing viewpoints on what matters in love and a partnership. At the root of it all, there is love here—it may just take some work to find a middle ground.


Your Card: Queen of Cups

In many ways, you represent the Queen of Cups, Cancer. She is a figure that rules the watery realm of love, relationships, and emotional connection. She bridges the gap between unconscious feelings and drivers with conscious thought. With that said, perhaps you have taken this person’s actions as a personal attack against you, when in actuality their intention wasn’t at all to hurt you. The Queen of Cups asks you to communicate how their actions affected you and allow them the chance to correct their behavior. You can’t expect them to read your mind and know exactly what it is you want and need from them. Be willing to forgive and forget and allow them the space to improve. It is important that you both just understand where each of you were coming from and find a resolution that way. Don’t feel like everything is a personal attack against you. Most of the time, another person’s actions have nothing to do with you.


Your Card: Two of Swords

There might be a reason why you find yourself oscillating between emotional highs and debilitating lows. Let me ask you something, Leo: Does it feel like one second everything is fine, just for your mood to take a turn for the worst, causing you to feel like nothing is right at all? There may be a reason for this. Your intuition might be telling you one thing and every time you go to address the same problem, they come up with another excuse that sounds right in the moment and quells your feelings for now, only for you to find yourself feeling that same anxiety hours later. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you something. The Two of Swords has to do with cutting out the news coming from them and trusting your gut. You must figure out a way to listen to your intuition and understand what it is trying to tell you. You’re not crazy. You’re not irrational because their answer isn’t good enough. There must be a source, and that source is probably them. Take some time for yourself, and if you feel like pulling away from them is bringing you more peace, then they were probably the cause of your anxiety to begin with. Love shouldn’t be this up and down.


Your Card: Seven of Swords

With the Seven of Swords, there may be a lot of people involved between you and the relationship with someone you care about. While it’s nice when those around you want the best for you, they may not know what’s best. It’s sad when two people never get the chance they deserve because of the toxicity that surrounds them. Gossip and rumors are often successful at tearing two people apart and destroying what would’ve been a solid foundation. You may find yourself relying on other people to call the shots for you without asking yourself what it is that you want. This person may deserve a second chance for the simple fact that this impression you have of them is not based on reality but rather built upon the misinformation spread by others. You might not be getting the full truth about this person. Details may very well be missing. Give them the chance to answer to these rumors.


Your Card: Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles is a good indicator of change that will actually happen. This person isn’t like others you’ve dealt with in the past, so try your best not to allow those negative experiences to ruin a good thing that you have here. This person may have messed up with you, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate that they’re going to keep screwing up in the future just because those you’ve loved before them have. They may be very receptive and willing to change if it means not only being a better person for you but also a better person for themselves.


Your Card: The Emperor

While it may be hard to keep emotions out of your decision-making, right now you have to look at the hard facts. You can be quite forgiving, Scorpio, and while this is a great quality to have, if they’re not operating at the same frequency as you, then they’ll only take advantage of the good graces you’ve given them. Remember this: You set the standards and let them meet those expectations. Sure, if you lowered your standards, then maybe they wouldn’t disappoint you any further, but to lower your standards means to give more and more of yourself over to them without receiving anything in return. Ignorance to their shortcomings may be bliss, but that bliss doesn’t last very long, especially in such a close and intimate relationship.


Your Card: Four of Swords

With the Four of Swords, Sag, it appears that everyone has been saying exactly what you need to hear about this person, but you’re just not in a place to listen to them. This can be tricky, because while it is true that not everyone understands the situation as well as you do, there does seem to be some validity in what they’re saying. The Four of Swords is asking you to retreat emotionally and calm your own anxiety and seek the answer from within. With the Four of Swords, they may not deserve any other chances, but even if you know that deep down inside, you need to figure that out on your own.


Your Card: Nine of Pentacles

It’s not that they don’t deserve a second chance, Capricorn, it just seems that with the Nine of Pentacles present there hasn’t been enough of a solid foundation built between the two of you for you to have such high expectations. You might be thinking you’ve given many chances, but for what? Until you are both on the same page, that’s when the chances begin, if you understand what I’m saying. Allow the situation to transform naturally before deciding whether or not this is something you wish to move forward with because you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. That’s not to say you should lower your standards, but allow your expectations to rise as things progress and allow them to meet the mark once a solid foundation has been built. You’re usually all business and to the point about what you want, but this can come off as a lot. Right now, go with the flow.


Your Card: Eight of Wands

With the Eight of Wands, it seems like the moment you give them a second chance, they will not disappoint. You’ll be glad you were able to find forgiveness and give things another go. There isn’t much to say except the message has been received on their end and now they are fully well aware of what’s at stake. They may even exceed all of your expectations. I don’t think they’re doing this just to make you happy and pander to your feelings—they may genuinely want to prove to you that they aren’t what you thought.


Your Card: The Chariot

While perhaps you may want to give them a second chance, this connection just may not last in the long run simply because you seem to both be moving in two different directions. With The Chariot card, two horses are pulling in different directions. It’s sad when two people can’t seem to make it work because of factors outside of their control, but unfortunately, this may be the case for you, Pisces.