Valeria Ushakova

How April’s Astrology Is Going To Shake Up Your Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

April is here, and the astrological forecast for the month is full of twists and turns, ready to shake things up!

Starting off the month with a bang, Mercury will be in Retrograde in Aries from April 1st to 25th. Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, and travel, so expect delays and malfunctions to work around. You may find the period smoother if you can be aware and mindful enough to slow down. Tempers and impulsivity long to take the reins in the sign of Aries, but take a deep breath and think before you speak.

Next, the Solar Eclipse in Aries will occur on April 8th, and its intensity will be felt by all the zodiac signs. Eclipse season is a powerful period full of changes necessary to align you with a better version of yourself, but it can be difficult to navigate if you are set in your ways. Things don’t always go according to plan, and this eclipse will encourage us to embrace a new one!

A few days later, we experience the Mars and Saturn Conjunction in Pisces on April 10th. This transit occurs about every two years, and it’s worth noting. Mars is a planet that loves to act and take risks, whereas Saturn is determined to slow things down and do things by the book. Together, these two can either help you work towards your long-term goals with fresh motivation or cause quite a bit of frustration if you rush things. 

By April 19th, we start switching gears and move into Taurus season, followed immediately by a Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction in Taurus on April 20th. This transit only takes place once every 12 years and could signal new and refreshing ideas that could be financially beneficial, as well as shifts around money and finances that could bring some positive energy where needed most. 

Finally, the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23rd marks a period of release and closing of chapters that can make room for new things. A fresh start could be just what is called for after a month of constant shifts—and while we may not see the full picture, we may find we are better for it.

Check out your signs below (Sun and Rising!) to see what April has in store for you!


Notable Dates: April 1st-25th, April 8th

Most of April is in your sign, Aries, so be prepared to experience plenty of shifts on a personal level! With so many transits and planets passing through your 1st House of Self and Identity, you may feel the effects more directly than others—think transformation to the more fulfilled version of yourself that knows what they want and what steps to take. T

The Mercury in Retrograde is something to be mindful of these next few weeks, mainly as it affects any major decision you make regarding yourself, identity, and appearance. The best thing you can do is slow down and be mindful before making any rash decisions (not your strong suit—I know). Being aware and intentional are your best assets, especially as you seek to figure out who you want to be. 

With that in mind, the Solar Eclipse is also something to take note of—the transformation process as you learn to assert your needs and balance it with meeting the needs of those you love is in full swing, and this Eclipse energy is bound to have you reflect on significant changes. You may need to accept that what you think you want isn’t what’s best for you or that you need to release former ideas of who you should be to make room for who you were meant to be. It will be an intense month, but you’ll be better for it!


Notable Dates: April 19th, April 20th

You’re preparing to emerge from a long period of retreat and isolation, Taurus, and it will feel good to embrace yourself again. However, before we get there, the first few weeks of the month involve you being intentional and releasing negative energy and self-doubt that you’ve been clinging to like a comforting blanket. 

The Mercury in Retrograde and Solar Eclipse this month will push you to clean house and accept that not everything is in your control. Healing isn’t linear and takes time, but it takes longer if you try to ignore or repress old wounds and habits that aren’t easy to address. Slow down and do the work, one step at a time—it’s prepping you for something greater.

On April 19th, we officially kick off your season, and you’re bound to start feeling the shift towards a more confident you. You know what you need to thrive, and now you can put your best foot forward! 

You’ll also want to mark April 20th on your calendar as the Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction occurs in your 1st House of Identity and Self. This powerful transit is ready to give you an extra burst of confidence and inspiration and fresh approaches to how you want to take on your life—with some unexpected luck likely in the forecast. While you’ll still be in the end of the retrograde season, you’ll want to harness this positive energy to help you take a big step towards who you want to be. Your time is now!


Notable Dates: April 10th, April 1-25th

April may be testing you a bit, Gemini, but if you can form a game plan and not slide into self-doubt, you may find yourself stronger for it. 

You’ll want to be aware of the Mars and Saturn Conjunction in Pisces occurring in your 10th House of Career and Public Image. These two planets can be challenging to negotiate with, notably as one wants to speed ahead and the other wants to slow down and think things through. On the plus side, this energy can be used to further your long-term goals if you intentionally slow down a bit. If you try to rush through, you may find you’re feeling frustrated and running into walls. You can’t always talk your way out of things—sometimes, you must work diligently to bring those visions to life. 

With Mercury (your ruling planet) in Retrograde in your 11th House of Friendships and Networking, it’s a good call to clear the air with any colleagues or connections you’ve kept to help you achieve your goals—simple communication can unexpectedly throw a wrench into things. You may also be more aware of who actually wants to support you vs. who would gladly celebrate your downfall, so be careful with your energy this month. 


Notable Dates: April 1st-25th, April 8th

Some powerful career shifts could reveal themselves this month, but it’s up to you what you make of them, Cancer. 

Mercury in Retrograde kicks things off in your 10th House of Career and Public Image, and it’s worth paying attention to! Things can get a little chaotic if you’re relying on autopilot to get through. You’ll want to be extra careful to ensure emails are sent to the right people, deadlines are met, and you communicate clearly with those you work with, especially your bosses. This period may also involve you reassessing whether you’re on the right path career-wise or if there is more you’re striving for in your chosen career. 

The Solar Eclipse will also occur in your 10th House, so if the goal is moving up or moving on, you may receive more clarity toward your next steps—though they may not be what you anticipated. Being open to change and the unexpected is in your best interest—don’t shut something out because it didn’t fit your original “plan.” You can dream bigger for yourself, and you should. 


Notable Dates: April 19th, April 20th

Are you ready to get noticed at work, Leo? You might get the opportunity, and you’ll want to be ready for it. 

Taurus season kicks off April 19th, moving the Sun into your 10th House of Career and Public Image. The spotlight is on, so what will you do with it? On April 20th, the powerful Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction introduce some exciting opportunities to this sector of your chart—an unexpected raise or promotion or some new inspiration and ideas that could be financially lucrative could be in the cards. It’s your time to shine!


Notable Dates: April 10th

You’re trying to make some major decisions, and it will take some focus to find the solution, Virgo.

The most significant transit to be aware of is the Mars and Saturn Conjunction in Pisces occurring in your 7th House of Partnerships. This energy is ready to help you make some big decisions, but only if you’re willing to take them seriously. This could involve wondering whether to take the next step in a relationship or a business partnership. Are you ready? Are they? These types of connections are meant to be given thoughtful consideration, so if you try to rush things along, you’ll likely find yourself more uncertain and frustrated than ever. Trust yourself that you can make the right decision without diving headfirst. 

This energy will only heighten as the Mercury in Retrograde and the Solar Eclipse take place in your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources. Shared finances are the most likely theme to get your attention, and it’s worth avoiding signing any major contracts until both transit have passed (April 25th, if you want to save it in your calendar). Money could be slow to come through or have some technical issues, so be sure you have money on hand and finances in order. Things may feel stressful at times, but you’ll have a clear idea of what you want by the end of the month.


Notable Dates: April 1st-25th, April 8th

Your relationships are undergoing some changes, Libra, but it’s a good thing if you can trust the process!

Mercury in Retrograde will be working its way through your 7th House of Partnerships, making it a vital period to clear the air of any issues that may be happening between you and your partner or close friendships. Communication is key; sometimes, a simple comment can spiral into something unplanned if you aren’t transparent. This is also a time to reassess if you’re getting what you need from your relationships—are you constantly shoving your needs to the side to accommodate everyone else? If so, it’s time to figure out your needs and boundaries. 

The Solar Eclipse is also occurring in this house, which may illuminate some issues you’ve been shying away from and need to be addressed. This eclipse could also be preparing to clean house of the connections that aren’t good for you. It can be hard to let go, but trust that the relationships that are leaving are making way for better ones in the future. You deserve to be seen and loved, so embrace it. 


Notable Dates: April 20th, April 23rd

Your relationships could be getting some exciting energy headed their way, Scorpio!

You may have felt a little stuck and frustrated lately in terms of expressing yourself and connecting with others—and you may feel some of that tension when Mars and Saturn form a conjunction in your 5th House of Creativity and Pleasure. However, towards the end of the month, you may notice some shifts in your personal relationships that may be unexpected but worth looking forward to.

The most notable transit to note for you is the Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction in Taurus in your 7th House of Partnerships. On a romance level, this could indicate some fortunate timing to take things to the next level or put yourself out there—you may have more luck than usual. In friendships, you could meet new friends who bring out the best in you and coax you out of your shell a bit. Taurus season will continue this energy as more planets move into this house, especially when Venus moves into its rulership there on April 29th.

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, you also have a Full Moon in your 1st House of self and Identity to look forward to! This can be a great time to release expectations of who you think you should be and align yourself more with who you want to be. An even better way to connect with others is to be your fullest self!


Notable Dates: April 10th

Things on the home front may be a little tense, but it could work out for you in the long run, Sagittarius!

This month, the most important transit to focus on for you is the Mars and Saturn Conjunction in your 4th House of Home and Roots. If you’ve been planning on moving or making major renovations to your home, this could slow things down a bit—but it will work in your favor to take your time and do things the right way, not rush through to get it over with. This could introduce some tension with those you live with, especially parents or guardians who may be trying to pick a fight. Though it’s tempting to lash out, it won’t do you any favors. This could also push you to slow down and recharge as Saturn tries to slow down Mars’ restless energy. Don’t be afraid to rest and take a break, as the energy will likely be needed during your next steps. 


Notable Dates: April 1st-25th, April 8th

Your home life could be undergoing some big changes, and you’ll want to be open to those shifts, Capricorn. 

The Mercury in Retrograde transit will work through your 4th House of Home and Roots, meaning you’ll want to be extra aware and careful with potential mishaps in your home. On a tangible level, this could involve home repair issues or a never-ending pile of tasks that need your attention. On a personal level, don’t be surprised if there are miscommunications with those you live with, though clear and concise conversations will help. This isn’t the best time for moving or making major home renovations, but if it’s absolutely necessary, double-check the fine print and don’t take shortcuts to hurry things along.

The Solar Eclipse will also occur in your 4th House, which could shed some light on your family and roots that you didn’t anticipate. It may also serve as a major wake-up call to restore some work/life balance that you’ve been sorely neglecting—and while you may want to ignore it, doing so will likely lead to you burning out and having major setbacks to recover, so it’s best to take the rest when you can. Don’t try to carry the weight of everything on your shoulders; Take a break.


Notable Dates: April 20th

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, Aquarius!

If you’ve been planning a significant move or at least getting your own place, you may have some luck towards the end of this month! On April 20th, Jupiter and Uranus (your ruling planet) form a conjunction in Taurus in your 4th House of Home and Roots, which could bring you some luck or opportunities to get out of your old place and into something new (though you’ll want to hold off signing any papers until the Mercury Retrograde ends on the 25th). This could also signal a good time to renovate or redecorate your place, as you could have some new ideas, inspiration, and finances to pull it off. 

Mercury in Retrograde and Solar Eclipse will occur in your 3rd House of Communication and Local Community, and both transits will push you to reflect on what you’ve always known and have become familiar with. It’s good to appreciate where you come from, but it’s also important to know when it’s time to make room for new things. Don’t be afraid of the unexpected—embrace it!


Notable Dates: April 10th

It’s time to honor the commitments you make to yourself, Pisces.

While you likely focused quite a bit on what you wanted and needed during Pisces season, you now have a chance to fully commit to your goals. The Mars and Saturn Conjunction occurring in your 1st House of Self and Identity will push you to determine your goals yourself and ways to follow through. Mars and Saturn can help you see these things through, but only if you’re willing to commit rather than rush through. Otherwise, you’re bound to feel frustrated that you aren’t moving at your desired pace. You are important, and you should treat yourself like it!