Ieva Urenceva

How Each Zodiac Can Connect With Their Intuition This Pisces Season, According To A Tarot Reader

Pisces season runs from February 19 to March 20. The final sign of the zodiac, this water sign is known for their emotional depth, dreamy nature, and intuitive powers. While this is their season, every zodiac can benefit from channeling some Pisces energy right now. How? Read on to find out how to connect better with your intuition during Pisces season.


Your card: Page of Swords

Your intuition can change with time and new information. Don’t get stuck in the mindset you were in the past. If your gut is telling you something has changed, it very well might have. Stubbornness won’t help you here.


Your card: 4 of Swords

Rather than springing to action as soon as your intuition starts speaking up, wait a moment. Really sit and listen. If you act too soon, you might miss the nuances of the message.


Your card: Ace of Cups

The area where you listen to your gut the least is your love life. You’d rather learn about someone through experience than by making assumptions. Here’s the thing: Your intuition is there to protect you, and you might get in trouble if you ignore it.


Your card: 5 of Pentacles

You have a hard time distinguishing between your intuition and your anxiety. Is it your gut telling you something, or your worries? Find the answer by getting more acquainted with your own mental health.


Your card: 8 of Pentacles

Sometimes you just need to practice. The more you listen to your intuition, the better you’ll get. At first you might be terrible at it, but with time, you’ll become a master.


Your card: Death

If you’re not good at listening to your intuition, you may have to let go of your preconceived notions. Don’t do the same thing over and over expecting different results.


Your card: 4 of Wands

You like to get second and third opinions from your trusted friends and family, but the more you do that, the weaker your intuition becomes. Trust that you can tell the difference all on your own when something doesn’t feel right.


Your card: 9 of Wands

As soon as you sense that someone doesn’t have your best interests at heart, you bail. But sometimes listening to your intuition means giving it some time to find the real truth. Don’t act too quickly just because you’re protecting yourself.


Your card: 2 of Pentacles

When you have so much going on, it can be hard to find the voice of your intuition among everything else. Look for moments when you can sit in silence and really listen to your gut. Let everything else fall away so you have an unobstructed view of how you really feel.


Your card: Page of Pentacles

You’re great at achieving anything you set your mind to, and better intuition is no exception. If you start trying to listen to your gut more often, you’ll become amazing at it in no time.


Your card: 9 of Swords

Don’t let your anxiety and worry muddy the waters of your innate intuition. Deep down you know the difference between an anxiety-fueled worry and the base message that your gut is trying to tell you. Don’t get the two twisted.


Your card: The Devil

Happy Pisces season! You can connect better with your own intuition by ignoring the temptation to listen more to your imagination. Just because you want something to be true, that doesn’t mean it is. Let your gut guide you to reality.