Fidan Nur

How To Build Authentic Self-Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Loving yourself is not always an easy task, but it is a necessary one. Practicing true self-love can help foster self-esteem, ignite productivity, improve relationships, enhance well-being, and more.

Everyone will have their own unique challenges that may get in the way of self-love. Here is how to build authentic self-love, based on your zodiac sign.


Celebrate even your smallest accomplishments.

Given your competitive, driven spirit, it’s important to remember that your tiny victories matter just as much as your big milestones. Infuse celebration about your little wins into your everyday life because these will give you confidence and remind you that you’re doing a great job.


Spend lots of time outside.

Taurus, you have a strong connection to nature. The great outdoors make you feel peaceful and grounded. You feel most like yourself in the sunshine and among the trees. This is why spending plenty of time outside is an act of self-love for you; it’s a way of honoring who you are and what you love.


Nurture your curiosity.

Gemini, you have one of the most curious minds of the entire zodiac. Your intellect is truly unmatched. Do not stifle you sense of wonder. Do not hold your questions back. Instead, chase your curiosities because this is how you can embrace who you are, a vital component of authentic self-love.


Set firm emotional boundaries in your relationships.

Cancer, you’re so used to trying to help and love everyone else you often forget that your needs matter too. Setting firm emotional boundaries in your relationships (and sticking to them!) is vital to fostering true self-love for you. It’s a means of keeping you safe and your relationships healthy and thriving.


Take pride in your appearance every single day.

While self-love is definitely an inside job, dressing up and taking pride in the way you look can definitely give you a confidence boost. It’s a way of telling yourself that you deserve your own admiration and care.


Shift your negative self-talk to positive self-talk.

Virgo, you have a tendency to be a perfectionist and this can lead to being overly critical of yourself and placing far too much pressure on your shoulders. Instead, talk to yourself with compassion and kindness. Even when you make mistakes (especially then).


Put yourself first sometimes.

Libra, you have a tendency to put others’ needs above your own and this leads to self-neglect. While, yes, you can’t always put yourself first, there are definitely times when prioritizing your needs and wellness will be absolutely necessary. Learning how to discern when those times are will help you create a true sense of self-love in your heart.


Let go of the past.

Scorpio, you hang on to the past, especially painful memories and mistakes, with a tight grip. But this only keeps you from living your best life now. To love yourself better, release the baggage weighing you down and step into the present. You deserve to move on and be happy.


Nourish your body.

Sagittarius, you have the true soul of an explorer. You are constantly on the move because being alive is the greatest adventure of all. In order to keep up with your lifestyle, you’re going to need to nourish yourself with proper rest, nutrition, and exercise. Listening to your body is an act of self-love.


Invest in your hobbies.

Capricorn, you are ambitious and work your literal ass off and this is definitely an admirable thing to be sure. Your discipline is astounding. However, without finding other things to do besides work, you will burn out and ultimately miss out on some of the most important things life has to offer. Invest in hobbies, chase your interests, and enjoy your free time outside of the office.


Feel your feelings.

Aquarius, you can be aloof, even to your own feelings. Your logical nature is the reason for this but suppressing your emotions is not healthy. Besides, they’ll make themselves known eventually! Instead, feel your feelings, even the uncomfortable and inconvenient ones, because these are signals and will help you connect with yourself on a deeper, more profound level.


Practice self-compassion.

Pisces, you are a sensitive water sign with endless compassion for others. This is such a strength, and you should use your powers of empathy when it comes to yourself as well. From positive affirmations to engaging in positive self-talk, be kind to yourself. It’s the best way for you to love yourself authentically.