Samuel Regan-Asante

How You Cope With Being Ghosted, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


If Aries gets ghosted, they will likely become hostile because their time is valuable to them. It means a lot if they clear their busy schedule for someone.


Taurus-born individuals are incredibly loyal, and they will take being ghosted personally. They may follow up with the person who ghosted them to see if they can rekindle things.


Geminis will feel a sense of guilt if they get ghosted because they’ve been on the other side before. They’ll silently move on to avoid a big blowout.


When cancer is ghosted, they become petty. They use passive-aggressive digs to offend the person who did them wrong. They may reach out multiple times for closure (or to plead their case). 


When Leo gets ghosted, their ego is immediately triggered, and they become defensive. They’ll never beg for someone’s attention because pride will not allow them to. They’ll be onto the next in no time.


Libras are non-confrontational, so they will react by ghosting their ghoster. Once they feel that their crush is pulling back, they’ll instantly do the same. They hate the thought of being played or duped.


When it comes to getting ghosted, Virgos are highly sensitive. They can sense the other’s desire to ghost quickly, but they will look at the situation rationally and move on.


Scorpios have a hard outer shell when it comes to matters of the heart. If this sign gets ghosted, they will take it very personally. They may isolate themselves to protect their heart. 


Sagittarius-born individuals will never harp over being ghosted. They’ll channel that energy elsewhere and make the best of it. They may throw themselves into work or start a new passion project.


When Capricorn gets ghosted, they feel aggravated as a result of the other person’s lack of communication skills. They pride themselves on being mature and find it frustrating when someone cannot articulate their feelings properly. 


Aquarius-born natives can be quite distant when they get ghosted. They may be hurting inside but will never show it. Though they are emotional creatures, they’re not great at conveying said emotions.


Pisces are constantly flooded with emotion at all times. When someone ghosts them, they will be utterly heartbroken, especially if they liked that person. They’ll need all the tissues, ice cream, and sappy love songs to cope with the hurt.