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How You Handle Conflict (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)


Aries are more than happy to take conflict head-on. They are both equally aggressive and assertive. They prefer to tackle conflict as it happens rather than drag it out. They can also move on quickly and forgive and forget when someone does them wrong. 


Known as being cool, calm, and collective, Taurus despises confrontation, especially when an apology is involved. While they are reasonable enough to admit when they’ve made a mistake, they are also too stubborn to address it. Their approach to conflict is to avoid it at all costs until the other party brings it to the forefront.


Gemini can be indecisive and have a hard time making up their mind. They temporarily avoid having conversations until “tomorrow,” but tomorrow never seems to come. They would much rather pretend that issues don’t exist rather than work on fixing them head-on. 


The crab is both sensitive and shy. It is no surprise that they are avoidant and defensive when it comes to addressing conflict. When feeling extra emotional, they need reassurance from others that they don’t say the wrong thing.  


As a fire sign, Leo loves a heated conversation from time to time. They have no problem handling conflict and expressing their opinions loudly. They live life unapologetically and always mean what they say. 


Libra is known to peacemakers by nature and hates to be around fighting. If Libra faces conflict, they often try to compromise rather than stand their ground. They want to dissolve the issues as soon as possible without feelings being compromised.


Virgo is always ready for a good debate. They are calculated and savvy, only speaking on things they know are 100 percent accurate. They will always bring receipts and research to prove their argument in a conflict.


Scorpios are secretive and private by nature. They prefer to handle conflicts on their own time and behind closed doors. They won’t lash out or cause a scene in public. 


Sagittarius is one of the least aggressive zodiac signs and would much rather push a problem down than deal with it. They are uncomfortable under challenging situations and won’t stick around when arguing is involved. They believe it will disappear if they ignore an issue long enough.


Capricorn will contact a friend or family member for advice when faced with a conflict. They truly appreciate what their loved ones think, so their opinion matters greatly. They are great at picking and choosing their battles.


Aquarius cannot stand conflict and will run from it if necessary. They like to be surrounded by good vibes and positive energy and won’t waste time with people who don’t bring just that. 


Pisces will spend much time thinking about a conflict before dealing with it. They want to consider all the moving parts before they draw attention to it. They aren’t usually the first to speak but will undoubtedly be the last.