Ketut Subiyanto

I Don’t Believe In Love At First Sight, But I Do Believe In This

I don’t believe in love at first sight. I don’t believe the first hello does anything besides greet. I don’t believe love is conjured out of thin air and lasts effortlessly for the rest of our days.

I do, however, believe that souls are ancient. I believe during some encounters, they remember each other rather than meet each other. I believe in strong friendships that are seasoned with trials and errors. I believe in learning about one another rather than solely attracting each other. I believe in good intentions and in making an effort.

I believe transparency and vulnerability are signs of courage. I believe that meeting disappointments with calmness is empowering and silence topples impulsive reactions.

I don’t believe open communication is a byproduct but rather a foundation. I don’t believe in running for the exit but rather walking slowly with confidence when you need to. Running is a sign that you’re not sure of your decision. Walking is assertive.

I don’t believe you get what you give. I don’t believe in settling.

I do, however, believe in fate. I believe some people’s “not ready” is other people’s “such perfect timing.” I believe in choices. I believe in good parents and good upbringings. I believe in setting examples. I believe in being a living example. An embodiment of all the values you wish to see in others.

I believe finding safety is the work of two and it’s never handed over as a gift. I believe growth also stems from stability. I believe respect is earned but is also fragile. Once lost, respect (unlike love) is the most difficult to regain.

I don’t believe in luck, but I do believe in energies. I don’t believe in exit strategies, I believe in leaps of faith. I believe in pouring your soul into something. Better yet, someone. Unquestionably, fearlessly.

Mostly and above all, I believe in believing.