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25 People Discuss What TV Show Cancellation Was Totally Undeserved

1. Zombie Realtors

Still salty about Santa Clarita Diet getting cancelled on a cliffhanger.


2. Third Time’s Not a Charm

The first, second, and third time Futurama got cancelled.


3. New Arc to Goodbye

Teen Titans…

Literally started a new arc and then quickly got shelved forever…


4. Cancelling Then Returning

Cancelling Arrested Development was almost as bad as bringing it back the way they did.


5. Well That Wasn’t Convenient

Kim’s Convenience

That show was so good…


6. Why Ted?

Better Off Ted. That show should still be going today. It was fucking brilliant and ended way too soon.


7. Cliffhanger…Ugh

The OA, left it on such a good cliff hanger. I was genuinely annoyed I will never know what happens next.


8. Freaks and Geeks and Glow

Freaks and Geeks. There was so much potential and it was canceled far too early. Also GLOW on Netflix. The last season had a lot of character developments and I would have loved to see how it ends. This was one of the first casualties of COVID that shut down production indefinitely and was eventually canceled after waiting several weeks for things to blow over, which they obviously didn’t.


9. So Many Comedies

Arrested Development.

The show blazed a trail with non-laugh-track-supported comedy that The Office stepped into, shortly thereafter (for the American audience).

It was also troubled by the TV format of airing episodes in order (and lacking syndication at onset). That limited it from catching on — the narration and storyline kind of requires you to watch it in succession.

There are a lot of shows that will succeed (or fail) differently when streaming has completely taken over.

The Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, Cheers, Friends — I’m skeptical that they would have taken off without the structure that airwaves create and the favorable time-slots that some quirky TV executive decided to risk on them.


10. Three Seasons Wasn’t Enough

Oh god…Happy Endings. It should have had like 5 seasons at least. Three was too few. Such a gem of a show.


11. So Much More To Cover

My answer will be Hannibal until my dying day. One of the most complex and layered and unique shows ever produced, and there was a lot more ground to cover.

Which isn’t to say I can blame NBC for canceling it. The ratings were frankly awful, especially in its 3rd season. I blame the absent audience.


12. Stop It, Netflix

Quite a few. A few shows on Netflix for me, though they cancel almost everything. The one I remember most is my name is Earl. Could have had a great ending. It had one planned to.


13. Still Annoyed

Kyle XY. 13 years later and I’m still pissed.


14. Post Covid Cuts

Reaper. Bloody loved that show.

Glow and Mindhunter were both awesome and it was a shame they weren’t picked up post Covid.

I used to be annoyed that Utopia (UK version) was cancelled, but now I think it actually works – the bleak ending of S2 and lack of resolution just adds to the weirdness.


15. Makes Zero Sense

Limitless the TV show. Got cancelled because the drug use in the show was a bad influence on people but then you have shows like Euphoria that romanticize it airing so it makes no sense.


16. Out of Order Episodes

Firefly! Fox marketed it as a slapstick comedy instead of a character drama, aired the episodes out of order so the overarching story threads didn’t make sense, put it into a time slot usually reserved for sitcoms, then kept shifting it around. And after all that, they wondered why it wasn’t performing well in the ratings.


17. Great Plot, No Ending

Revolution. The concept of nanobots holding humanity hostage by snuffing out electricity was a great plot and they cancelled before they showed the ending, giving us a comic instead. Like… WHAT?!


18. The Friends Group

Friends From College.


19. Missing A Few Shows

The OA. I would do just about anything to see the end of that story!

Santa Clarita diet. Funny as hell, and some of the storylines were just heating up. Excellent cast and so much potential for a few more good seasons.

Sense8 was another tragic cancellation. Thank god they came to their senses and made the movie to wrap up loose ends. Still wish we’d gotten all the planned seasons.

Hart of Dixie is another gem cut too short. It never picked up the following it needed, but those of us who gave it a chance and saw it all the way through fell in love. It’s my most re-watched show of all time.


20. Not Very Popular

Almost Human. I don’t think it was getting the views but other than that I don’t think that it deserved being cancelled. It was one of the best shows to come out in the mid 2010s.


21. Only One Season

The Punisher on Netflix!! Season 1 was awesome and I really liked the Netflix adaptations of Marvel series. It was a shame they cancelled S2 and everything related to the Defenders in Netflix.


22. It Didn’t Get a Happy Ending

Might be a hot take but I could have watched like 3 more seasons of Happy Endings! If you like The Office or Parks and Rec I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t yet.


23. Ahead of Its Time

Terra Nova. Amazing show but it got cancelled because it’s scale was too ahead of it’s time. Even with shows like game of thrones out already too.


24. Just a Shame to Cancel

The Mick. So funny, the cast was really hitting their stride and they were about to embark on something totally new and different and fun. Such a shame.


25. Crappy Time Slot

Clerks the Animated Series.

Got jerked around by ABC and thrown into a crappy timeslot, only aired two episodes of 6 made, and cancelled in the middle of the season so there was no additional episodes made.

If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. It’s freaking hilarious!