Signs They’re Not Your Almost (They Simply Want To Move Slowly)
Lamont Thompson

Signs They’re Not An Almost (They Simply Want To Move Slowly)

Almost relationships are tricky because you feel like this person is perfect for you – but the relationship isn’t going anywhere. You’re stuck in stasis. However, you might mistake someone with good intentions for an almost. Maybe they aren’t stringing you along. Maybe they simply aren’t ready to put a label on the relationship because they want to take things slow. Here are a few signs they are more than an almost. They’re a future partner. They simply want to take things slow.

There’s a good reason they want to stay single – and a timeline on when they’ll be ready to date again.

If someone is vague about how they’re not ready for a relationship right now, it could be a red flag. But if they have a good reason – like they’re seriously swamped with classes that will be ending soon, or they just got out of a relationship only weeks earlier – then there’s a chance they legitimately need some time. If it seems like there’s an end point in sight, (and not like they keep moving the milestone marker and making you wait longer and longer) then maybe the timing really is wrong. Maybe you’ll be together once everything settles down.

They let the world know they’re interested in you.

They aren’t hiding you away. They aren’t picking and choosing when to pay attention to you. They aren’t making you feel like second best. They’re introducing you to friends and family. They’re getting to know you on a deep, emotional level. They’re clear about how much they like you and aren’t sending mixed signals. They have made their intentions clear (to you and everyone around you) so you know exactly where you stand.

You don’t feel like you’re being used.

They aren’t taking advantage of the fact that you like them by pressuring you to sleep with them or spend money on them or give them a place to sleep. Their interest in you seems genuine. There’s no doubt in your mind that they mean what they say when they’re speaking to you.

The relationship is progressing.

Maybe you aren’t ready to move in together yet, but you have been taking baby steps. You’ve been becoming more and more involved in their life. You’ve been getting to know them better and better. They aren’t pulling away once you get close. They’re letting you in one step at a time. It’s simply taking a while.

They’re honest with you.

They aren’t saying what you want to hear and making empty promises about the future in order to keep you around. They’re honest with you about their feelings. They keep you in the loop so that you never feel like you’re on separate pages. They don’t want to hurt you, so they are as open with you as possible about where they stand and what they’re comfortable with.

It hasn’t been that long of a wait.

If they’ve been keeping you waiting years, or even months, then they might be an almost. But if your relationship is pretty fresh, it’s okay if it takes time to develop. Some people need to move slower than others. Some people need to feel comfortable before they can open up their heart. If they’re the right person and are treating you well, patience could lead you to becoming a couple. But you never want to wait too long. You never want to put your life on hold for someone who could be an almost.